Heading South for the Winter?

The Northern part of the USA  has plenty of it’s residents head south for the winter.  The lack of snow and perfect weather would be hard to pass up if you are able. However, you can’t just get up and go- leaving really is not that easy.  Being away from home for months takes time and preparation.  There are many things that can go wrong while you are thousands of miles away and can’t easily deal with them.

So what’s a snowbird to do?  Luckily, I was able to speak with HomeZada founder Elizabeth Dodson for some helpful hints on getting ready to migrate.

Tips For Snowbirds

Samantha-  What is the most important thing for people to know as they pack up for warmer temperatures this winter?

Elizabeth- Some of the most important things to remember are checking the gutters so they do not over flow while away, remember to turn off electricity and or cable/ internet/phone or at least turn the heater down to 50 or 60 degrees. Be sure all pipes turned off so they do not burst and filters are clean so they do not catch on fire or freeze while away.

tips for snowbirds

S-  How much time and preparation is needed to make sure your home and belongings are ready to be dormant for months?

ED- At least a month to a month and a half in advance is needed to prep for the months away. This is to ensure everything is taken care of an appointments are made if someone needs to come to fix anything before leaving.

S- What is the most common thing to go wrong while people are away from the home for months?

ED- From personal experience, freezing and bursting pipes are some of the most common things that can go wrong while away.

S- How does one best deal with these issues when they are so far from the location of the problem?

ED- Have someone look after the house such as a neighbor or a family member that is staying and can check up on it. Leave a key and key codes for them to access.

Keeping the House Safe

S- What is your best tip to avoid these issues from arising?

ED- Make arrangements with companies to turn off the water. Freezing pipes can burst which is common in winter months if precautions are not made.

S- How does HomeZada help people prepare to leave home, and how do you use it?

ED- HomeZada can help people prep for the move by setting up a checklist to ensure all necessary tasks have been completed. The list can be shared with family members and reminders are also sent out so there is no excuse to miss a thing. Also, HomeZada stores inventory right in the software/app. This is helpful because if something were to happen such as a robbery or a terrible snow storm, the insurance agency will have an idea of how much equity was in the home. HomeZada allows consumers to take pictures, price everything and send the information to insurance agencies and save it for their own records.

S- Do you have a tip sheet available online for people to reference as they prepare to travel south?

ED- Inside the app consumers can choose what tasks they want to add to their list. There are over 100 tasks and consumers can add their own as well.

S- That sounds pretty useful- I know I keep a list for even just long weekends- the prep work for this is so much more.  That’s a pretty cool idea you guys had.  Thanks for chatting with me.

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