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A good cup of coffee makes the whole day start well.  Waking up to a pot of brewing coffee has to be one of the best ways of waking up.  Coffee in our house is an odd story.  We started out as casual drinkers, meaning if it’s there we will have it.  This is usually at family functions like dinners and such, or if someone else wants coffee.  But this slowly changed into something more.  Now coffee is made every day, and at least a cup each.  Coffee in our house can last a long time or if it is good, a very very short time.  Dad usually enjoys a dark full flavored roast, black and sweet, but no milk (he likes it hot and bitter, just like Mom, lol).  Mom enjoys a sweeter approach to things, unlike in the rest of life (light and sweet, like Dad!).   Mom also gets wicked migraines, and the caffeine helps take the edge off.  True, this won’t work for everyone, and sometimes caffeine is the kiss of death for migraine sufferers, but for me?  Lifesaver. We both are quite different with what we enjoy, though we both like the odd brew every so often and like trying something new.  Luckily enough we were recently introduced to Seattle’s Best Coffee.

morning coffee

One of the most attention  grabbing characteristics of the coffee is, “…you’ll love, guaranteed. If you don’t love the taste, they will give you your money back”.  Quite a bold statement, which is often followed up by a good product.  I would say Seattle’s Best definitely lives up to expectations.  Seattle’s have different flavor blends available from the lightest sweetest blend to a dark rich coffee.  Also available are vanilla and hazelnut for those who like flavored coffees.  The favorite in our house is the medium and balanced.  This coffee has the dark roast for Dad and the lighter side of life for Mom.  The perfect Ying-Yang for the two of us.  This blend  makes a delightful drink when light and sweet while also being full bodied when just sweetened a bit.

Seattle’s Best is available at supermarkets everywhere and there is a $2 coupon available, but please act soon as the coupon will not last forever.

good coffeeTo keep up to date with Seattl’s Best be sure to check out Seattle’s Best Coffee and join the #GreatTaste discussion for prizes and news.  One such prize is a free t-shirt. Visit the Great Taste website to join the #GreatTaste discussion and for an additional chance to win.

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Entering is easy: On Twitter or Instagram, describe why you love the taste of Seattle’s Best using #GreatTaste and tagging @SeattlesBest on Twitter or @SeattlesBestCoffee on Instagram.  They are picking winners every Tuesday and Friday until November 15.

Save the date for the Seattle’s Best Coffee #GreatTaste Twitter party from 4-5pm PST on 10/22/13


  1. Love Coffee. Also started out as a casual drinker 🙂

  2. I love Seattle’s Best! They have such a variety of flavors. I go for the strong stuff. The stronger, the better!

  3. Nancy Polanco (@WhispersInspire) says

    Mmmm, Seatle’s Best coffee is delicious and a good cup of joe makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing the contest!

  4. Mmmmm, yum! I’ve been hooked on Seattle’s Best lately!

  5. We have tried the 5 also – it’s good!

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