Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and Car

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Disclosure: The Snow Ski Lodge and the Snow Adventure Car & Tow were provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

With Christmas just around the corner, I am always on the lookout for new great products for my kids. Pinypon definitely did not disappoint this year.

About Pinypon Products:

Pinypon products stand out for all the other products out there like them because they have many mix and match possibilites. With these toys, you can swap their heads, mid-sections, or feet. You can go from a mermaid to an ice skater and even more.

Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge:We all know that this time of year is all about the snow. You can ice skate, ski, ride a snow mobile, and build a snowman and get warm in the Lodge. There are many accessories available with this product, as well as the other Pinypon products. Just inside the Ski Lodge alone are 50 accessories for great imaginative play. You get to decorate the snowman, dress your kids. This imaginative playset includes 3 Pinypon friends that are dressed up in their winter gear, 1 pet, and winter sporting equipement from skis, skates, and snow mobile to sled and snowboard. There is even a real skating rink included.

Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow: With this Car & Tow set, it is definitely time for you to load up the car and and travel for your snow adventures. This great playset comes with a Pinypon friend dressed in winter attire and her pet. There is a snowboard, skis, luggage, and many more. When you are done playing, you can easily tuck all of your toys under the Tow.


My Thoughts:

As you can see this product is truly amazing. I was impressed with all of the details that are included in this product. I could not believe how much stuff came with just these two products. This was my first Pinypon product that I have received, and I will admit that I could not be any happier.

I had fun putting all the stickers and products together with my daughter. My daughter thought it was so cool that she got to decorate her dolls’ house like she decorates her room as well.

Not only do you get to play outside in the snow with this product in every way that you can possibly imagine, but you can also go inside and stay warm with all your home amenities 🙂

The dolls that were included were also a great deal of fun. It was so fun to be able to switch your characters around and to make new characters.


I can almost guarantee that this product will make any kid out there very happy this Holiday Season. Click the following links if you would like to purchase the Ski Lodge or the Adventure Car & Tow.

Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win one of these great products.

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