SuperTooth HD

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SuperTooth HD is a wonderful device for those who drive and would still like to receive phone calls while still being safe.

It is a Bluetooth hands free speaker phone which connects to any phone with Bluetooth capabilities.  The phones supported range from top of the line smart phones to those not so smart phones, like mine.  The system works by connecting to your phone and delivering crisp clear call quality over a device that is about the size of a T V remote, 125 mm by 59 mm.  This little device carries two speakers to deliver loud clear sound that you’ll be amazed is coming from such a small unit.  It also has two microphones and two noise cancelers, all of which prove two is better then one.  Making for a speaker phone which will make you wonder how you got on without it.  It takes me approximately an hour every day to get to work then another hour to get home.  During this time it is a time to catch up with my wife and son and the SuperTooth makes this all the easier by minimizing the, “What?”, “I can’t hear you, hold on”, etc which will lead to less time spent distracted from the task at hand, driving.

The battery life on this SuperTooth is another astounding characteristic.  It can go weeks without a recharge and this is after being on and connected to my phone for approximately 2 hours a day and I would say a talk time of about an hour a day.  The battery lasts at least twice as long as any Bluetooth headset I have ever had.

Included with the device is the charging cable which is also a way to update its firmware through your PC and an internet connection, as well as a strong clip to keep the device in place on your sun visor.  Not once has the SuperTooth budged an inch while driving, even in the most erratic of conditions.

I have been a long standing user of Bluetooth headsets but tend to lose to break them quickly.  Battery life being an issue, sound quality being and issue and size of them being an issue.  The Supertooth is a whole different animal and one that will hopefully break the history with Bluetooth devices.

The SuperTooth HD is available at fine stores everywhere now.


  1. and perfect for my husband for Christmas too

  2. I really need something like this. I HATE the one I own. I can hardly hear on it and a lot of times it has static. Which drives me bonkers! It would be nice that have on that has a great batter life and good sound quality!

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