Talking Muppets Most Wanted With the Muppets Themselves

win ph 03 15 14 113I recently had the opportunity to talk with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Constantine (AKA the “evilen froggen”) about the new Muppets movie  “Muppets Most Wanted”, which opens in theaters tomorrow.

The trio was extremely funny- I have to say, Constantine was by far and away my favorite interview-ee.  He didn’t miss a beat.  No worries, he’s much nicer in person then in the movie- but he still wears his sassy pants all day long, and you know I love that in a frog.

What did they have to say for themselves?  Plenty.  Read on for the interview.

Kermit: So why do they call you mommy bloggers because I see at least three men.

MALE BLOGGERS: [LAUGHS] We’re known as daddy bloggers. There’s nothing weird going on.

Kermit: Daddy bloggers. Okay I just wanna clear that up right off the bat you know. Yeah okay good, good, good.

Miss Piggy: You’re all just fans of mine.

Constantine: How does this work? Do we ask them questions?

Kermit: No, no, no. They ask us questions.

Constantine: All right fine. Who’s first?


Interview- via Disney

Q : This one’s for Constantine and Kermit. Boxers or briefs?

Kermit: Oh I’m definitely boxers myself, although I’m nothing right now.

Constantine: I just like to go free and easy.

Miss Piggy: [to Kermit]: Do not lie to all these people. They can see the answer right now.

Constantine: I am more honest than you. I wear nothing.

Kermit: No I do like to wear boxers. Every chance I get.

Q:  Hi Miss Piggy- Who’s more romantic, Kermit or Constantine?

Miss Piggy: Well that’s easy! It’s Kermie. He’s so much more handsome than this, this uh, toad (referencing Constantine).

Constantine: You know what? She does not know difference. Watch. Close your eyes, Pig.

Miss Piggy: [STARES UNBLINKING] I can’t.

Constantine: Close your eyes. Look other way. Do something, come on. Okay watch this. Miss Pig, can you hear me?

Miss Piggy: You’re not fooling me, Kermit.

Constantine:  HAHAHAHA I fool you, Pig.

Miss Piggy: Oh come on, Constantine. You sound nothing like Kermit.

Kermit:  See, she has no idea.


Scene from the Muppets Most Wanted movie- via Disney

Q: I have a question for Miss Piggy. You look fantastic, Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy: That’s a wonderful question. Thank you so much.

Q: What’s your secret?

Miss Piggy: My secret?

QUESTION: For looking so great?

Miss Piggy: I just woke up one morning and decided I’m not gonna’ age. It’s not for me.  I’m gonna’ do something else with my life.  I’m not gonna’ waste my time aging you know.  I’m gonna’ drink some coffee. That’s what I’m gonna’ do.  I’m gonna’ drink coffee. I’m not gonna’ age. I’m gonna’ go get my nails done.  I’m not gonna’ age.

Constantine: She also has good plastic surgeon. [LAUGHS] It is true. I only speak truth.

Q:  You always look so fashionable Ms. Piggy, and I was wondering if you have a favorite designer and how was it working with Vivian Westwood?

Miss Piggy: Yes. Right now Vivian Westwood is my favorite.  She made me some exquisite dresses, including a certain white gown.

Kermit: I’ve seen it.

Miss Piggy: That I wear down a certain aisle in the movie.

Kermit: Which you fortunately you did not get from me.  You didn’t get to keep your wardrobe.

Miss Piggy: Well I, I can call her. I can call Vivian. I’m sure she’d let me borrow it again you know. Anyways, I love her fashions.  And the dress that she made is really quite something. It’s actually made out of recycled plastic.

Kermit: Yeah, it smells like sour milk. [LAUGHS]  But it looks great. It’s true, it’s true, it’s true.  We’d say Piggy you got milk?  That was our big joke on set. [LAUGHS].

Q: (For Kermit) So we saw Ms. Piggy’s dream sequence.  Your future together, you guys get married and you have a cute like pink frog and green pig. Any plans to make that come true?

Kermit: Well to the extent…

Miss Piggy: Yes!

Kermit: …that Miss Piggy…

Miss Piggy: Oh I’m sorry that, that was for him?

Kermit: Oh I was gonna’ say that then you can be a mommy blogger.

Miss Piggy (looking at the blogger group) You are the future me.


Q: Speaking of history is there any truth to the love story between Miss Piggy and Constantine?

Kermit: That sounds very kinky. I don’t think mommy bloggers should be talking about things like that. Wow.

Constantine: I was doing best acting of my career. Pretending that I like the pig.

Miss Piggy: Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.

Constantine: It is true.

Miss Piggy: Well I was acting too.

Kermit: We knew it was risky bringing Constantine on a P.R. tour.

Constantine: I tell it like it is.

Q: (For Constantine) So how did you feel about doing the villain role and blowing stuff up?

Constantine: Oh it was the greatest pleasure of my life.

Kermit: Yeah.

Constantine: I enjoy blowing things up.  I enjoy stealing things.  I enjoy stealing the movie from a pig and other frog.  I think I will now go steal other things from other shows.

Miss Piggy: Well I think, I think you should go do that.

Constantine: I will go do the Modern Families.  I will steal that show.

Kermit: Yeah.

Constantine: I think I would be great on 60 Minutes.  The in depth report.

Miss Piggy: Why don’t you go now?

Constantine: I will.  Right now I’m going to be here to mess with you, pig.

Kermit: Yeah, hold onto your wallets.

Constantine: Yes.

Q: (For Constantine) I wonder if you had to work out a lot for your fight scene?

Constantine: No actually, well a lot of my skills are natural.  And then we also had Stunt Coordinator who was very helpful to me.

Miss Piggy: Yeah, that was me.

Constantine: Yes, you were very good at teaching me how to hit, punch, and kick.

Constantine: Who knew you were so good at parkour?

Miss Piggy: Yeah well you know.


Q: Kermit, the last couple of decades what makes the Muppets so timeless?

Kermit: None of us have watches. We really don’t keep up with it, you know. Except Walter. Yeah, well, he will not be timeless. He’s going to age.

Miss Piggy: He’s gonna’ be all gray.

Kermit: Believe me he ages on you. I think we try to stay current. We live in the real world you know. We’re out there just like all of you.

Constantine: Right now we’re here.

Kermit: Hopefully everybody watching sees an aspect of somebody they know, or maybe themselves, or maybe their friends. I think that’s part of it. We sorta’ keep up with what’s going on.

Q: Apparently it’s in the cards that you are going to get married at some point. So I’d like to know who’s going to be your best man?

Kermit: I’ve been considering a number of people. If I were to ever tie the proverbial knot – strap on the ‘ol ball and chain…

Miss Piggy: Uh Humm…

Kermit: I felt Fozzie and Gonzo ’cause they’re friends. But I will tell you that I’m going to invite Constantine to the wedding.

Miss Piggy: Constantine?

Constantine: You will?

Kermit: Sure, sure.

Constantine: I will get an invite?

Kermit: Yeah.

Miss Piggy: But he’s not comin’. He’s not gonna’ be able to accept.

Constantine: I will be there.

Miss Piggy: Why?

Kermit: Well he’s a frog. He’s a co-star.

Constantine: And in case, uh, frog gets cold flipper, I can take your place.

Kermit: That’s what I’m thinking. Are you saying that if Constantine comes it’s a problem?

Miss Piggy: It’s a big problem.

Kermit: My best man would be Constantine. [LAUGHS].

Miss Piggy: That is devious.

Kermit: I know.

Constantine: Yes, he is taking lessons from me.

Q: (For Constantine) Are you still a bad guy?

Constantine: What do you think? The only problem is that now with film my face is everywhere. So it be would be very difficult to pull off big caper having my face out there. Authorities will always be after me.

Kermit: Yeah, yeah.

Constantine: So I may have to try to do other things.

Kermit: We have to find something else for you to do.

Kermit: You know I think, I think with your skills as kind of an extortionist, a robber, and someone who just is devious I think you could be a Hollywood agent. I think that’d work pretty well. You’re in the right town.

Constantine: That is good. Hollywood does make me feel at home.

Kermit: Yes, yes, yes. There’s some slime goin’ on.

Q: Miss. Piggy what is your favorite song to sing?

Miss Piggy: Well any song  – any song that was written for moi of course.  You know wrecking ball was actually written for me.

Kermit: Well is that right?

Miss Piggy: Yes, yes. As was Celine Dione’s big hit My Heart Will Go On.

Kermit: That was written for you?

Miss Piggy: Me, yup, yup.  I gave it to her.

Kermit: Wow.

Miss Piggy: Yeah I gave her a big break.

Kermit: Talk about a sinking ship.

Miss Piggy: Which is what I did in this movie too. I gave her another big break you know. That she will sing alongside moi for a couple of verses.

Q: I just was wondering what Ms. Piggy’s favorite food is, and could it be frog legs?

Kermit: The crowd gasps.

Miss Piggy: I would say that I do like to nibble on Kermit’s toes. [LAUGHS]

This was a fun interview.  Miss Piggy, somehow, managed to do a dead on impression of Fozzie Bear and Animal, much to our delight.
You can follow the Muppets socially on their  website,, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Follow the hashtag #MuppetsMostWantedEvent for all the fun as well.

Disclosure- This was an all expense paid press trip from Disney. I was not monetarily compensated for this post, all opinions are honest and my own. Airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and transportation were all provided by Disney.


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