Week 3 of Nutrisystem #NSNation

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This might be my third “official” week on Nutrisystem, but it’s really my first.  I sort-of did it my first week- being away for all of it made it hard, and the second week I was on a cruise with no food allowed to be taken on the ship, so.  The first week I did lose a pound, the second week I don’t count for anything, but this week?  I gave it my full attention.

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I made a few mistakes, like with the shakes (I thought you drank one a day, but with the “Lose 5 Fast” system, they want you to do two a day- oops!) but figured this out by calling my Nutrisystem counselor and asking a whole lot of questions. But all in all it was a success- I am down 6 pounds this week, and I am really excited about that.


As far as diet food goes, I really thought the food was going to be terrible.  But it’s not- honestly.  I’ve had a pretty good variety by now, and none of it has been bad. Most of you have been reading me long enough to know I say it like it is, and it’s fine.  Will you still miss all the food that made you fat?  Yes, of course!  Ha.  But this is good- it’s not something I dread having to eat.  The shakes are not chalky, and the food (even the shelf stable stuff) is pretty good.  I like the shelf stable because it’s portable, and the frozen because it adds a nice variety to the foods offered (and so far the frozen has been a little better then the shelf stable most of the time, taste wise- but it’s still fine either way).


Having the eating out guide and a list of what to get at the grocery store really helps as well- as does having a Nutrisystem counselor to call when you need clarification or have a question.  I have a long way to go before reaching my goal weight, and I really appreciate that I know I can call and someone will be there to answer my questions.  In the meantime, 6 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, and I am pretty excited about that!


Make sure to watch for my post next week to see how this week goes- I’m hoping as well as this one.

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  1. 6 lbs is an excellent week! Congrats and I hope you remember to give yourself little rewards as you reach milestones. Rewards, of course, should be about things outside of food. It drives me nuts that people want to put activities around eating. When that happens, I either suggest we grill (something we can pretty much do year-round in the desert… although summer is actually the worst time for grilling around here) at my house where I can control the food or I suggest activities like the dog park, hiking or anything else that is outside of the eating hour. What have you been trying?

  2. WOW! 6 lbs is great! I can’t wait to see how it goes when you’re actually doing 2 shakes!
    Love the dress BTW

  3. Wow that food actually looks good lol

  4. that’s great, congrats!

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