Have You Tasted Beyond Meat? #FutureOfProtein

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Most families understand the importance of a balanced diet. It makes families healthier. It makes you feel at your best, and can make the difference between developing certain health conditions. As a parent, of course, making sure my son is eating the best  he can is important to me. A balanced diet doesn’t always mean a meat based diet. Not that we are wholly giving up meat, but I do want to switch to include plant based proteins as well.

Many people, including some great athletes, are starting to use plant based protein in their diets- the future of protein. They know that that it is a healthy way to get the protein that they need without a lot of the things that come with meat based protein. Beyond Meat, a 100% plant based product that lets families have the food that they love, but without the down sides of animal protein. Beyond Meat can be used to make things like beef nachos, chilis, even meatball subs. It can also be used for kids who love their chicken nuggets but for moms who would rather the kids not have chicken.


Beyond Meat wanted me to take a challenge. I used Beyond Meat to make the kids a quick after school snack of chicken nuggets. I was worried if my boy would like them as much as traditional chicken nuggets, but he devoured the whole plate. I ate some as well, and they did taste pretty good.  My fella doesn’t care (or really bat an eye) when I switch his foods around, so he didn’t mind that it wasn’t chicken.


Have you considered switching to non-meat dinners, even if it was only a few times a week? Consider the health benefits, and the benefits to the planet (not to mention to animals). Beyond Meats lets you do just that, while not giving up the food you love.  You can get more information on Beyond Meat here, and well as great recipes.  Use this coupon to get your first product to try out.

5 lucky people can win prizes ranging from Le Crueset cookware,3 months of Chef’d meal delivery, a $500 Visa Gift Card, and a chance to watch our athletes in action! Check out the rules here and enter to win.

The Future of Protein Challenge Sweepstakes is an easy and fun way to try the Future of Protein challenge with your own families, and perhaps win a prize.

 Secretly substitute a Beyond Meat product in a family-favorite meal. Click here to download Beyond Meat
 After everyone has enjoyed the meal, reveal to them that the meat they just ate was made from 100% plants!
Capture their thoughts, comments, and of course, empty plates and happy faces.
 Post your photos and a recap of the dinner to Instagram or Twitter by 11:00PM PST on 10/31, tagging “@
BeyondMeat” and “#FutureOfProtein.”—this will automatically enter you in the sweepstakes.
 Repeat whenever your family wants to enjoy protein-packed meals without the downsides of animal meat.”


  1. Julie Wood says

    I love making non meat dinners! It is so healthy not to eat meat every day. I would love to try the delicious Southwest style tenders!

  2. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen says

    No I cannot say we have tried many non-meat products. I can’t tell, is this product gluten-free?

  3. I can’t say we have. This sounds like a good concept though. I’m curious if we’ll like the flavor.

  4. Protein is a must have in my diet! I notice a big difference in how I feel if I don’t get enough. Thanks for sharing this great alternative — I hadn’t heard of them, but will definitely be checking them out now.

  5. We often try non-meat products, but I haven’t yet seen Beyond Meat. I will have to keep an eye open for it!

  6. Grace Hodgin says

    I will have to look for this brand in the store. Sounds like a nice product to try.

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