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Visit Santa AND Shrek at the Cherry Crest Mall

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Have your kids visited Santa this year?  How about a recent Shrek and Donkey visit?  No?  If you are in the general area, why not shake things up a bit and take not only a Santa photo, but a journey as well?  Complete with your favorite Dreamworks characters Shrek, Donkey, and friends.

santa and shrek

You get a whole experience, not just a quickie Santa’s lap visit and photo. Wait, no, the best part is that you don’t’ have to wait on a zillion hour line. You RSVP online for a time slot, show up, and go in. The line can be very short up to about a half hour.  Maybe the best part is that the kids were REALLY excited about all the stuff they got to do while on the journey, or that the price for the tour and photos are not any higher then they were for a typical Santa photo (The cost for a single photo with Santa at Radio City Music Hall is $25. At our local mall, it’s $20. Here, you get a a package of photos of your choice, in a variety of sizes, for $35.) There are a lot of “Best Parts”….It’s hard to choose the best-best part.



After you make your time and reserve your spot to Adventure to Santa via, you just have to show up on time. You check in with the elf with the iPad (really) and then wait for the very next tour to begin. Another elf will escort you thought a Shrek and Donkey winter wonderland, where you and your family will get to design sleds, talk with the characters, play games, take a sleigh ride (complete with snow and wind) all the way to the North Pole, and finally- see the big man himself, Santa Claus!


This year, you cannot take your own photos, but there are many packages and options to choose from as you exit.   You can design your own cookie ornament while you wait to see Santa, and if you choose, it can be purchased online later and shipped to your house.

On your way out, you can pick up a few Shrek-tastic goodies, videos, and toys should you choose (and some of the available packages include these) and get your photos.

This is an awesome way to visit Santa, and totally unique. Your kids will love it, but so will you.  The kids had a wonderful time, and it was a truly fun and unique experience- something more special then an ordinary Santa visit. It’s worth a drive even if you are a little ways away- just remember to make your reservation!

Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours.


  1. So cute
    and a nice change of pace from a regular santa visit

  2. Sharon Martin says

    I would definitely book my santana app and save all the queuing, love this magical time of year, it looks great.

  3. I’ve never heard of Santa by appointment. Boy, does that make life easier and more streamlined.

  4. I am definitely going to tell people with children that age to go see this–it sounds enjoyable and you are right you would spend a lot more in NYC!!

  5. This sounds like a fun adventure for any family with little ones. One of my grandson’s loves Shrek.

  6. I think that’s a great price for all that you get. What a great way to make a whole experience out of visiting Santa!

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