The Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix

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Modern hotels that have a historical background are always a treat to visit. The Buccaneer St. Croix  is an amazing hotel in a beautiful, perfect paradise. From sugar, to cotton and cattle, the Buccaneer has pretty much seen it all. It officially opened for business in 1947 and had only eleven guest rooms at that time.  It was the first hotel in St. Croix and was a major achievement for the family who founded it.


The guests were known as “continentals” and would enjoy their stay with drinks, visits to the beach, painting furniture, and of course with great meals. Nightly cocktails were a must. Things have not changed all that much, and you can now enjoy music and great food along with the cocktails. There are several restaurants to choose from, and some must try cocktails  include the Cruzan Confusion, Raising Cane, Caribbean Sunset, and Jump-Up-and-Kiss-Me.  The food is amazing, and no matter if you choose to eat in the restaurant or beach-side.


It’s amazing to think that the Buccaneer has been around for 70 years and three generations that have made the St. Croix community that much more lively and enriching. The Buccaneer is proud to be a supporter of the National Park service with the three month turtle watch program. They are also very committed to community services around the area and to funding scholarships for students to attend college.


There are lots of fun things to do while you stay at the Buccaneer, and you can be sure that you are being environmentally friendly while you stay. The hotel has tons of environmental practices in place to make sure that they are not creating excess waste, are conserving energy, and also that the wildlife is able to live around the hotel freely as it should on the 340 acres.  You will see iguanas roaming about fairly regularly, for instance.



The Buccaneer has been named as One of the Best Family Resorts and with great reason! They have lots of activities and amazing accommodations when it comes to family fun, as well as relaxing time with your spouse and kids. There are three beaches where your family can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and just plain lounging around. Children have lots of room to explore, splash, and play without being overrun by a lot of people.  The waters are calm, clear, and warm- perfect for anyone.


The waters are warm even at night, and the sun sets over the water. Boats can come pick you up for a day trip right off that dock- ask the front desk for some information. (Big Beard is great!)

If you were looking to learn something new on your trip, there are classes to learn how to play golf, tennis, and even scuba diving that teens and adults can participate in. For the younger crowd (4-12) there is a complimentary Kids’ Camp. Fantastic. There are also activities for the whole family to enjoy together such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. You can sail and snorkel. If horseback riding is more your style, then you can have that arranged as well.


The restaurant by the main lobby has amazing views from every angle, and the staff is friendly and courteous. It’s a hard place to leave. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served here, and live music is often played.

The Kids’ Camp has all sorts of activities for the younger of the clan to enjoy. These include activities on the beach, treasure hunts, nature walks, games, and crafts. These are all available to you during your stay year round. The kids are allowed to stay for the entire day or they can stay for just a little while to give parents the time to explore and enjoy activities on their own.


St. Croix is more than just the Buccaneer, however and you will want to explore the town and it’s monuments. There is also a rainforest, rum factories, historical sites, and botanical gardens to cross off your list to see while you are visiting. (I’ll tell you about my favorites in the next post.)  Try something new or see something that you have never seen during your stay, this place is amazing.  Easily one of my favorite places, and that’s saying something.  If I were you, I’d look into a stay in St. Croix as soon as possible. The people, the food, the music, the history- it’s a place that stays with you long after you land home.


  1. Looks like a nice vacation spot! 🙂

  2. abby kenevil says

    so pretty!
    Looks so much better then the piles of snow around here 🙁

  3. Kim Croisant says

    Every time someone asks me how to pronounce my last name (Croisant) I always say “it’s like St. Croix – with a sant. I do want to go there someday…for sure.

  4. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I have never been to St Croix and have always wanted to go. The Buccaneer sounds like a great place to stay and it all looks lovely.

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit the Virgin Islands, but hadn’t decided between the US and British isles. This definitely swings me towards St. Croix.

  6. Heather Johnson says

    The Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix looks absolutely fabulous. If I am ever going to be in the area, I will keep this resort in mind.

  7. Dee @ Cocktails with Mom says

    Seems like a beautiful place to visit. Definitely some place I would like to visit.

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