Disney Art Academy

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When you are a beginning artist, it can be difficult to learn the skills needed to really make something memorable and special.  Art supplies are expensive, and art classes are even more so.  This turns away msny younger artists and parents of young artists, leaving them with the options of books and sub quality supplies.  But with the new game Disney Art Academy budding artists can have a Disney inspired artistic experience while learning and using the plethora of supplies at their stylus tip.  While learning how to paint, use pastels, and markers, artists from beginner through advanced can draw some of their favorite characters, ranging from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear.  There are 80 characters to draw, as well as letting your imagination run wild and going freestyle.  From shading to layering, this game is great fun for those willing to learn.  As long as you keep trying you will be amazed with your creations.

My youngest tried his best with this game, but after a few lessons he lost interest.  However, he continues to come back to it every so often.  This is the kind of game where you come back to it once it has planted the seed of what wonder and creative side of you it awakens.

I like how varied the art directions are, as well as the amount of skills the game teaches you. This is perfect for adults or kids who enjoy Disney and want to learn how to illustrate like a pro.

Once your creations are complete, you can share via Miiverse, social media or local wireless.  You can also save to your SD card then print out your creation to share a hard copy with friends and family.

Disney Are Academy is available now on both the eShop and at retail locations nationwide, it retails for $29.99

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