Unique Ways to Preserve Family History

Connections are a critical part of our culture. It is in our basic nature to search for connections with other people. Ancestors and families can assist in creating a huge sense of connection. Many times though, we can feel as if we are alone, but if we reach out and try to learn more about our ancestors, it can at times give us the answers and or the sense of belonging that we need. We feel as if we are a part of something larger than ourselves. Each family has its own heritage and it is well worth it to preserve that heritage.


How many boxes of old family photos do you have in your attic? How many photo albums are on your shelves? Now, how often are those photos looked at? Maybe once a year? When family comes in from out of state? At reunions? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have some special photos, or one special photo to pass down that would be looked at more often? That is easy to do. Now, you can have custom photo blankets made. Just find that special photo that you want to remember and for your progeny to remember for years to come and have it made into a blanket!


How many of you remember mom, dad, or some other older family member chasing you around with a video camera of some sort? That was a great way to capture more than just a moment. Do you ever go back and watch those old home movies though? You might consider having a family movie night one night and get out all of those old home movies and watch them. This could be a great way to show your kids what life looked like when you were their age.

Record Those Memories

Yes, media changes through the years, but you can always have recordings changed over to the latest and greatest media. How cool would it be if you had recordings of your great grandparents’ voices as they were telling stories? This is a great way to preserve family memories. Even if you don’t have recordings of your elders, you can make recordings for your future generations to listen to. You can also interview your elders to make recordings for you and for the future. Preserving living memories and connecting with your family members are critical aspects of a family history. You can use a digital recorder or even a smartphone app. A camera will also help you preserve those old stories and share them with other members of the family while preserving them for future generations.

Record Everything You Learn

As you begin to learn more and more about your ancestors, you can add the information you come across to the family tree. You can also share it with other members of your family. Remember to encourage them to share what they learn with you as well.

Start a Blog

This doesn’t have to be for the general public, but it would be a good idea to start a family or personal blog. It can be a fun way to make sure that the important experiences in your life will be recorded for future posterity. You can also share the blog with your family and friends. Many of the blogging services you can find online are free and most of those free ones are also quite easy to use.

Social Media

There are so many tools that you can find online today. Take advantage of these tools to share your photos, or other types of updates with your friends and family. You can even upload images of important family documents. Social media is a great way to make sure that your family history is shared with the family.

Remember that your family history consists of so much more than simply research, records, and dates. It is the stories behind the people. It is the culture and knowing where you came from. It can’t define you, but it can let you know what is in your past. It is important that you learn this and then save it for future generations. Knowing your family history can give you a sense of purpose and belonging. It can connect generations past, present, and future. Take the time to discover and preserve your family history while you can.


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