The Classic Monopoly Now Available Online

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Everyone loves the classic Monopoly game. It’s been around for years and years, delighting generation after generation of families. While the traditional game is fun, with everything being electronic nowadays, people grow tired of having to keep track of all the game pieces, cards, properties, and money. They want an electronic version that’s easy and free to play without sacrificing any of the fun of the traditional Monopoly. There’s now a classic online Monopoly game that offers the same great traditional game, free of cost and free from hassle. We’ll walk you through all the highlights and potential downsides to the online simulation of the classic Monopoly game.

It keeps track of everything

Positive: With the online game keeping track of everything, there’s no hassle involved in playing this version of the game. No one has to be banker or keep counting their various denominations of money to see how much they have because the game does it for them, displaying the amount of money each player has conveniently and numerically, rather than all the various denominations. You don’t have to worry about losing any of the tiny game pieces or many cards as they are all electronic. The game even keeps track of all the properties you buy for you, taking out rent from the other player’s finances automatically if they land on your property.

Negative: If you’ve always loved being the banker and keeping track of your properties, you probably won’t like this convenient aspect of the electronic version of Monopoly. But, then again, you probably wouldn’t have played the online version to begin with if you had a specific love for playing as the banker and handling the money, making this point unimportant.

It’s monetarily-free and hassle-free

Positive: You don’t have to pay for the initial game, which is around thirty dollars in most stores, currently. If you have missing pieces in your version, rendering it completely useless and unplayable, you won’t have to pay for an entirely new game just so you can play. You also don’t need anything to play this version of Monopoly other than internet connection and some device that can access the internet. This game is available in a mobile version as well as desktop version, so you can play on virtually any device. You won’t have to clean a large enough space for everyone to play or find a seating arrangement that allows everyone to reach and see the game board easily.

Negative: If you had a particular desire to spend your hard-earned money on a board game that would become a completely useless pile of junk the second someone loses property cards, which slide out of the box so very easily or get misplaced during gameplay, then you might not like that you can play it for free. Likewise, if you enjoy the hassle of cleaning and keeping up with all the game pieces, you might hate the online game, but I think that’s highly unlikely.

It’s fun for all ages

Positive: The online version makes it easier for even younger kids to enjoy the fun, classic Monopoly game. They don’t have to keep track of their property or money, count their money to keep up with how much they have, or move their space the correct number of spaces as the game handles all of that for them, easily. This also makes the online version of Monopoly a great method of teaching kids how to play the game for the first time, making it a little easier for them to get used to the game and the rules without as much hassle and difficulty.

Negative: I can’t even think of an over-dramatized negative for this one. The online Monopoly game still has every strategic aspect of traditional monopoly, while still cutting out some of the hassle to make it easier for younger players to enjoy.

The classic online Monopoly game is a longtime favorite of everyone. Generation after generation, families love getting together to play this classic board game, but as more things become electronic and digital, it was only a matter of time before Monopoly did as well. The free, online Monopoly game offers all the same great traditional game play features the classic Monopoly offered but with the added ease of electronic cards, pieces, and the board. All joking aside, there really isn’t a downside to playing this awesome online game; that is, unless you just don’t like Monopoly.

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