Switch up you fitness-plan this summer and get the body you want

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If you have left it late this year to prepare for your summer body then don’t worry, so have we. However, there is still time to get the results you want ahead of bikini season, by taking inspiration from 2018’s key workout trends and shaking up your exercise regime to help you get the body you want in no time at all.

  1. HIIT your fitness goals and prepare for an intense sweat sesh – HIIT workouts have been popular for a while and are renowned for their ability to engage all muscle groups and leave you a calorie burning machine, long after the class has finished.  In these classes you can expect to burn anywhere from 500-900 calories and uses a combination of treadmill work and training interval exercises to keep your heart rate up and keep your body guessing. These classes are great if you want an intense workout and quick results.
  2.  Overcome the Obstacles – Prepare to increase your stamina, agility and have your resilience thoroughly tested with an outdoor obstacle course. These classes are usually run by a specialist boot-camp with trained instructors though some gyms do hold an indoor equivalent. They are perfect to get you out ion the fresh-air and the combination of different exercises in quick succession will challenge you to your limits.  From scaling steep inclines to running with sandbags, this dynamic workout will usually last for around 45minutes and the alternating cardiovascular and strength training will turn you into a true ninja warrior.
  3. Training to the Max from home – It is not always convenient to train outside or to head to the gym for a class so why not exercise from home? With the Bowflex Max Trainer, you can still have an intense work-out whilst meeting work and family commitments. This unique elliptical trainer gives you a total body workout allowing you to burn over two and half times more calories than the average elliptical trainer. Focus on a specific set of muscles such as the calves and core or work the whole body with the trainers Fat Burn workout program. Whatever plan you choose to do this innovative piece of equipment will support your weight loss and fitness goals and is the perfect way to train from home.  If you want to learn more about it, AllWorkoutRoutines have written a useful guide that may help.
  4. In the Splash Zone – High intensity aquatics is a trend not to be ignored. Whilst water aerobics are nothing new, these newly developed classes incorporate innovative equipment designed to increase resistance and allow for a high intensity work out in pool environment that is less stressful on the joints. These clever classes work you hard with a combination of lunges, push-ups and jumps, performed with weighted training aids. They are guaranteed to torch some serious calories and help you to recover quicker. Head down to your local pool to see their list of new water activities ahead of the summer and help you get the body you have dreamed of in half the time.

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