5 RV Road Trips For The Ultimate Family Adventure

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Deciding on where to go for your RV road trip often depends on where you live, the amount of time you have set aside for the trip, and when you plan to go. To make the trip a success, plenty of time is needed so you can enjoy yourself and create those happy family memories.


If your trip is during the fall season, you might want to travel to the southern part of the country, to avoid unpredictable weather. If you’re hitting the road during late spring or summer, you may want to head north. The weather could be more favorable during those months.


The destination options for your road trip also depends on your start location, but it doesn’t really matter where you begin in most cases. One major road trip must is to avoid big cities, large popular events, and tourist traps, that is unless you love being in crowded areas, spending more money, and enjoying crazy traffic. Probably not!


To get you moving down the road on your next family adventure, we compiled the following five RV road trips.


  1. Route 66 Road Excitement


This is one of the most iconic roadways in country that‘s dotted with amazing photo opportunities and Americana from the Midwest to the Pacific Ocean. It may not be much of a nature excursion, but there are benefits.


You will frequently eat in nostalgic diners and ice cream shops you pass along Route 66. Tap into U.S. nostalgia and have access to RV friendly campgrounds each mile of this historic road.


  1. Natchez Trace Parkway


Natchez Trace Parkway is another one of the country’s most popular destinations when it comes to National Park Service road trips, especially for those who are traveling via RV. It’s closed to commercial traffic, as well as big rigs, but RVs less than 55 feet love the scenery, winding roads, and rich historical stops of Native American burial mounds and Civil War battlefields.


The road that runs from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi is robust and green. You can also enjoy blues and country music playing in the multiple towns along the way. There are RV friendly campgrounds and plenty of places to stop too.


  1. Yellowstone National Park


Located in Montana, Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s leading destinations for RV enthusiasts. While on your way to Yellowstone, plan a scenic route where you can pass through must-see points in the Rocky Mountains, like Grand Teton National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Definitely a road trip for the whole family.


  1. RV Gulf Coast Adventure


In the last decade, New Orleans has had a stunning revival, especially for tourism. It’s not commonly an RV destination, but this route through the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. makes for an excellent RV road trip.


The beach tourism along the Gulf Coast has seen a considerable drop-off in recent years, because of media coverage on oil spills. However, this is good for those RVing on a budget, since tourism around certain beach towns is less.


  1. Points South


The southeastern U.S. has plenty to offer, such as nature, culture, and plenty of relaxation. Having a southern RV expedition includes forests, beaches and everything in-between. The Points South loop begins in historic Savannah, Georgia, and continues to Florida. It also includes the states launches Tennessee and Virginia.


For the last part of the journey, there’s a series of beaches where you can cool down at the end of a long behind the wheel. You can actually start anywhere along the route and eventually end up back where you started.


Extra Tip: Make RV Road Trip Safety A Priority


During the summer travel season, being alert and awake is very important, allowing you to arrive safely at your chosen destination. The following are some tips on how you can get enough sleep while on the road, and stay safe during your family RV adventure.


Don’t start the trip without sleeping enough. Not getting enough sleep before beginning a road trip can make you drowsy while driving. Every year, drowsy driving is the cause of an estimated 83,000 crashes, 37,000 injuries, and even 886 fatalities, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.


In Conclusion . . .


Before you hit the road, map out the directions, ste rest points, and also have a vehicle service plan, like the Good Sam Extended Service Plan, to keep you on the road without fail.


From coast to coast, there are plenty of RV road trips to be had. Whether summer or winter, get the family on the road and create lifetime memories the whole family can enjoy.

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