Top 10 Toronto Attractions Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

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Whether you are traveling to Toronto for business or pleasure, there is every reason to bring the entire family along. Flights to Toronto can be both affordable and enjoyable, so why not give the kids something to remember always by booking a flight on one of the only airlines on earth still operating with the amenities now long a thing of the past? Make this a part of the fun when you try booking on because even the stewards will be wearing retro costumes as in days gone by. This may be where the fun begins but read on to find a bit of information on those Toronto attractions your kids will absolutely love.

1. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

World-famous Lego building blocks have been the delight of children for decades. In fact, mom and dad as well as grandma, grandpa and the great-grandparents probably grew up building forts, castles, homes, trains and so much more with LEGOs. Not only is the park themed after iconic LEGOs but there is a MiniLand Toronto and 4-D Cinema for those kids to enjoy. If you think LEGOLAND is only for kids, guess again. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

2. Casa Loma at Christmas

One thing about Toronto which has long been ‘secret’ is the fact that there really is a castle in the city. While you may recognize the castle from many movies and television shows you’ve seen, as it is a popular film shooting location, you may be amazed at its history and how it came to be. In the 1900s, one of Canada’s leading financiers had the castle built because of his long-time dream of living in a castle. Unfortunately, the man soon lost his fortune and the castle stood abandoned. Visitors love to tour this real-life castle, but never more so than at Christmas time when it is decked out in splendor only appreciated in places like this.

3. Ontario Science Centre

Perhaps the most common piece of praise you’ll hear from parents who have taken their children to the Ontario Science Centre is they are awed at just how much their kids enjoy learning there! In fact, they have so much fun with all the hands-on activities that they, themselves, don’t even realize that they are learning new facts and new skills! From exhibits on the Rainforest to the Science Arcade’s physics experiments, there is something for children of all ages to keep them busy – this includes mom and dad too!

4. Canada’s Wonderland

While this is a seasonal amusement park only open in summer months from May through October, this is a must-see for any families traveling to Toronto during the summer. Here is where you’ll find jaw-dropping thrilling rides like:

  • Riptide
  • Leviathan
  • Psyclone
  • Behemoth

And then, after all that excitement, it’s time to take a look at Dinosaurs Alive and then experience a fun-filled afternoon at the Splash Works Waterpark where there are 20 acres of water fun to enjoy.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

As one of the most prestigious museums of natural history anywhere on earth, this will be an adventure not soon forgotten by your children. With more than 30 galleries they can explore with exhibits there permanently and some temporary as they make their round of museums, there is always something of interest to adults and children alike. Over time, there have been temporary exhibits such as the Age of Mammals and the Age of Dinosaurs, but never fear, there will always be a wide assortment of interesting things for kids to see and learn about. Not only is this a fun activity, but educational as well!

6. Toronto Zoo

Imagine spending a day at a zoo that has over six miles of walking/hiking trails from which you can view animals in the ‘wild’ (well, sort of). Actually, the only animals you will see ‘in the wild’ are those that are native to the area, but for children, that is a delight in itself. Then, it’s on to the polar bear cub in his new Tundra Trek home.

All that walking and viewing animals getting a bit boring for the little children? Why not take them to the splash pad or play area where they can get a little more of that excess energy out before trekking your way through more exotic animals. Don’t forget to let them ride the camels and ponies to crown the day with royal pleasure!

7. Ferry to the Toronto Islands

Known for its amazing scenic ride, the ferry to the Toronto Islands is one thrill your kids will cherish. Not only are they going to get a ride on a real ferry boat, but they will have lots to do once on the Island. From bike rides to kayaking, there are plenty of outdoor activities for warmer months and it’s always lovely to top it all off with a picnic. One thing to take note of is that the Far Enough Farm and the Centreville Amusement Park on the island are only open in warmer months, but if you plan your trip to Toronto accordingly, these are attractions the little ones will truly enjoy.

8. CN Tower

If you or your children are afraid of heights, this probably wouldn’t be an attraction for you! However, for those who have no such fears, the CN Tower is an amazing opportunity to get a real birds’ eye, panoramic view of Toronto. Not only can you see much from the 1815 feet tower but taking the ride up in a real glass elevator leaves nothing to the imagination either! Again, if you are afraid of heights, this might not be a great experience for you.

9. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

At the base of the CN Tower mentioned above lies Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. As the largest of indoor aquariums in Canada, this is one that hosts both freshwater and marine species from around the world. Many say the most spectacular exhibit is the Dangerous Lagoon, an underwater tunnel through which visitors take a moving walkway to travel along for a close, very close, look at some of the world’s most notable predators who feed at lower depths. With a Discovery Centre on the grounds, which is located near the center of the Aquarium, kids can play in touch pools which is a true hands-on learning experience.

10. Hockey Hall of Fame

Although hockey has something of a following in the United States, it is huge throughout Canada. Kids will enjoy looking through room after room of hockey memorabilia and can even have their photo taken next to the Stanley Cup. With interactive games and multimedia exhibits, this is a great place for kids to learn something about the sport and the Canadian players who put their country on the map.

These are just 10 of the many things to do and see in Toronto when traveling with the kids, but as you can see, they will have a great time, even if you need to take time away for business. Why not take the kids for the trip of a lifetime to a city that has so much for them to experience? Business or pleasure, Toronto is a children’s paradise and one they won’t soon forget.

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