5 Tips To Help You Handle The Fear of Flying

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If you stressed about flying, welcome to the aerophobia club! There are thousands of people who share their woes with you. However problematic it may be for you, traveling by air is something that you cannot avoid, particularly if you are a business traveler. The right approach is to deal with your fear and find ways to relieve stress so that that you can fly comfortably. Here are a few tips to help you in handling the fear of flying:

Recognize your triggers

The most critical aspect of dealing with aerophobia is to understand the trigger that brings anxiety for you. It may happen due to the fear of heights in some people while others face it because of the fear of enclosed spaces. There are still others who are not comfortable just because they do not fly too often and fear air crashes. A therapist can help you find your trigger and devise a way to deal with it in a positive manner so that the next time you fly, you do it with confidence.

Share your anxiety

Aerophobia is a psychological issue that you should treat like any other disease, by opening up about your fears. Let the flight attendants as well as co-passengers know about your condition rather than hiding it. Who knows, you may find that there are others who share the same fears and this may help you cope up with your fears in a better way. Moreover, the attendants and fellow passengers may even help in distracting you and calming you down during the flight.

Eat beforehand

People who suffer from the fear of flying tend to suffer from nausea and vomiting in air. Getting on the flight on empty stomach to avoid these symptoms can make things even worse. The best thing to do is to eat well in time before boarding. Eat light food that is easy to digest. Also, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water but avoid caffeinated drinks and those high in artificial sweeteners.

Be prepared

Another important tip to deal with the fear of flying is to be prepared. Look for some natural remedies such as chewing gum, sucking candies or anything else that helps. You may ask your practitioner to give you a medication for stress-relief. Carry such things in your hand luggage so that you can reach them easily when required. Have a good book or music on your iPod to help you get distracted. Trying to get good sleep during the flight is another useful way to handle your fears.

Accept your anxiety

Lastly, it is important to accept your anxiety and take it in a stride. This fear is a part of you and should not be considered as an untreatable disease. Instead of judging yourself and thinking negative, be open and research the problem with a positive and proactive approach.

If you can put these tips into practice, the next time when you alight and have a Taxi Airport Pick-Up, you will probably be a happier passenger. Just change your attitude and flying will probably become an exciting experience for you!

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