7 Gorgeous Rustic Home-Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Unforgettable

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Always loved the look of a beautiful country home and want to recreate it? Rustic decors are always a trend in home designs because they’re simple and they make any space cozy and inviting. Natural elements such as wood and other organic textures are the center of any good rustic home design.

The beauty of rustic home decors is that you can easily make pieces of your own without buying or spending too much. It doesn’t matter if you live in the center of the city or in the heart of a country; you can always recreate the feel of a simple country lifestyle in your home.

Of course, you can always buy rustic decors for your home if you want the convenience and if you want to instantly transform your space into a little charming cottage. They’re functional too, so they’re useful for additional storage on top of being a beautiful aesthetic.

If you already have the tools and the know-how of using different tools for big DIY projects like home decors, you can make them yourself. Check the list below for ideas.

Wooden Bath Caddy

This is a project you’ll enjoy if you’re good at woodworking and if you have a bathtub you’re fond of using at home. You’ll be needing a reclaimed wood board, screws, handy SDS drill, saw, and a waterproofer. You need to take measurements of your bathtub to cut the wood into the correct shape. It needs to be snug in order to prevent sliding.

Once the bath caddy is complete, make sure to paint it with a sealant to prevent water damage. You can fashion the caddy however you like by putting a slot for your wineglass or maybe a little compartment to hold little things.

Enjoy unwinding at the end of the day in the bath without worrying about having things wet, so put some candles, soap, or even your favorite book on it. 

Jute Twine Organizer

This is one of the easier DIY projects as you only need jute twine and a glue gun. To make a container, all you need to do is glue the twine together upward to make it look like a holder. You can make it in various shapes; square, rectangle, and circle are popular choices.

Once the twine wall is high enough, secure it by using more glue. You can make several of these and use them as organizers for decorative items or for personal items like shampoo and toilet paper.

Rustic Mason Jar Holders

Mason jars are wonderful glass jars that have a lot of uses. If your kitchen needs more storage or if you’re looking for ways to display utensils for convenience, then mason jars are great for this project. Paint the jars in earthy colors like soft, earthy brown, cream, and warm gray.

Decorate with twine by tying a piece near the mouth of jar once dry. You can also put the jars in a wood box if you want to secure them. You can also put labels on the jars to designate which utensils go to which bottle as well.

Wooden Coasters

There are many uses for wood slices, and one good project you can make out of them is to use them as wooden coasters. This is a good project if you have big fallen branches on hand, but if not, you can scour your neighborhood for some. Choose a branch that is thick in diameter, something wide enough to hold a mug or a cup.

You will need a hand saw to cut pieces and then sandpaper to smoothen the edges. Once you have your wood slices, coat them with clear varnish. You’re ready to impress your friends and guests with your wooden coasters.

Crate Bookshelf

Make use of old crates, and instead of letting them rot somewhere or putting them in the wood chipper, turn a bunch of them into your very own bookshelf instead. Since crates have certain size dimensions, you can make the bookshelf as high, as low, or as big as you want it to be.

You’ll be needing some sandpaper to smoothen it out and wood stain if you want it to appear darker. Put everything together using a drill and some screws, and reinforce it with a couple of L-brackets.

To complete the rustic-bookshelf look, put a lot of books in it. You can put hardbound books and even customized board books of your family, especially children. The nice thing about personalized board books is that you can create it according to your preferences and have as many as you like. You can one for pictures for your baby’s first year, for drawings, memories, and even one for coloring.

Driftwood Planter

Succulents are great plants for people who want to have something green and alive in their home but have no gardening experience. These plants are great because they don’t require much maintenance and need only to be watered once every couple of days. An alternative way to display these plants apart from their cute little earthenware pots is to put them inside a driftwood.

The number of succulent plants you can use for this DIY will depend on how large the driftwood piece is. You’ll also be needing moss and some floral glue; if you don’t have the latter, a hot glue gun is fine. You’ll be attaching the plants on the wood using glue and moss, and the finished project will look good on the mantel or on a wall-mounted shelf.

Keep It Simple

The beauty of the rustic home design is that it is easy to achieve, and that is why most beginner DIYers prefer this style. If you’re not that confident in your skills, keep your design simple. Once you get the hang of building things for your home, you can always go for intermediate to expert mode involving a lot of tools like saw cutting and even metals.

What is your favorite doable home design? Share your thoughts below.

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