Best Places To Take Paid Online Surveys

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This is a fact that having more money makes you feel more secure. You will also sleep better at night. But sometimes, employers hate giving raises, or maybe overtime at work has become scarce. If this is the case, then you need to look for unorthodox ways to earn money in your spare time. And one of the best ways to earn money is through paid online surveys. Taking paid online surveys is totally free. It is easy as well as completely flexible. You can take these surveys at any time and anywhere with your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Believe me, if you enjoy doing the crosswords or puzzles, then taking such kind of surveys could be a form of entertainment for you. Probably the reason why you have landed on this page is because you are looking for the best places to take paid online surveys. Believe me, you are reading the right article. Nowadays, there are various sites that are offering paid online surveys for money. That is why this article tends to highlight a brief review of some legitimate paid survey sites. For more in-depth details of these best places, read on.

1- Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie hits the top position in the list of the best places to take paid online surveys. This platform is quite straightforward as it tells you that you will not get rich instantly from taking paid surveys for money. We all know this fact, but people say that it is quite refreshing to see some transparency!

This great platform works on a points system. These points can be converted into cash. Moreover, Survey Junkie offers 1000 points as the payout threshold which is equal to $10. To use Survey Junkie, first, you have to create an account. You can also sign up with Facebook. After creating an account, browse different categories and pick a survey that you like. Once you have completed the survey, points will be added to your account which you can cash out via PayPal after reaching the $10 threshold.

2- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest and most reliable paid survey sites. It is a great platform that offers rewards for playing games as well as watching videos. At Swagbucks, the amount per survey is 70 points. You can receive cash, vouchers and prize draw as rewards. After completing a survey on Swagbucks for around 10 minutes, you can earn around £2.40. This paid online survey site also offers to complete surveys from multiple providers. Moreover, it gives consolation points as well when you do not qualify for a survey.

Swagbucks is, in fact, the most respected company in the online survey space. People love Swagbucks and they have positive remarks about it!

3- Toluna

Toluna is another website that is working on behalf of leading companies. Actually, these companies want to know what people think about their products, services, and issues. In return, people get rewarded with PayPal payments, Amazon as well as high-street vouchers. At Toluna, you can get 2000 – 50000 points by completing one survey. A single survey on this site takes about 15 minutes to complete. In this way, it will take approximately 4 hours to earn a £15 voucher.

4- InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a survey site that offers free $5 bonus just for signing up. You simply have to answer a few basic questions such as income level, race, education, and health. After some time, you’ll have $5 into your account. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Just go for any of the above-mentioned site to get the most of paid online surveys.

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