Most Beautiful Places in Europe to Visit

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I have traveled the world over, but I still reserve a special place for Europe. My affections draw deeply for the diverse cultural experiences, the breath-taking scenery and a mash-up of the new and old world. Europe is home to more than 500 ethnicities with different cuisine, culture, and design. For me, a trip through Europe is like a walk through the most exotic museum.

To share in this whirlwind of experiences, here are a few places you must visit while in Europe:


  • Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic


A significant section of the medieval ages resides in a small town outside Prague in the Czech Republic. The small town of Cesky is a short bus ride from the capital. It is positioned in a tranquil reserve with rivers running on the outer borders of the town. During the summer, tourists throng this destination in thousands to see the old architecture, teeming markets and the hospitable locals. However, Cesky is a ghost town during the winter. This is because of the heavy snowfall the town experiences every year. Regardless, snow enthusiasts will love this small town after seeing the thick coats of white over everything within vision.

Cesky boasts of exotic Czech cuisine, small and intimate resorts, and wonderful sights. At the center of the town is a repurposed lighthouse that now serves as a local observatory. From this viewpoint, tourists can catch a glimpse of the entire town.


  • Budapest


Songs have been sung and movies made in the glory of Budapest. But not one of these songs or movies comprehensively captures the true beauty of Budapest. The Hungarian capital bursts with color and pomp. When I first got to Budapest, I was taken aback by the friendliness of the locals and the sheer amount of horses in the city. What stole my heart even more was the rich history and variety within the city.

I believe that Budapest has yet to live its true potential as a holiday destination. My recommendation to anyone visiting the city is to try one of the fantastic five star hotels in the city for exemplary service and good food.


  • The Algarve in Portugal


If you are tired of the concrete jungles in cityscapes, take a moment to view countryside Portugal for a date with nature. I visited the Algarve in the south of Portugal, and I still get a whiff nostalgia every instance I think back. The coastal town is a breath of fresh air, especially for city dwellers. You can view the coral reefs, or visit the numerous marine parks in the area. Better still, you can bask in the warm rays of the coastal sun on the beach while sipping coconut wine and other coastal delicacies. Besides, a little sun is good for your skin.

As stated on Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours site, the Algarve is, however, a much better summer getaway than it is during the winter.


  • Paris


The headliner for any trip through Europe always has and will always be the city of Paris. On my first trip to Paris, everywhere I looked I could see a water fountain. Mind you, most of these fountains have drinkable water. I was also torn to shred at the number of activities one would take part in while in the city of love. You can visit museums, parks, and other attractions such as the Eiffel tower and still not complete your travel for the day.

Europe is a travel destination all year round. It is full of adventure, rare experiences and what some may term as bizarre. If you don’t believe me, take a trip to Amsterdam and get back to me.

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