Scratch off Travel Map: With the US States Record your Adventures

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It sounds a bit strange that the world scratch off travel map, but the truth is that they are one of the most attractive and modern global maps there are today. Designed for all those who love travel and geography. It is the best way to mark the places and countries where you have gone (or to which you would like to go) by scratching them on one of these maps to discover them. And even, it is also a fun way for children to learn about the countries of the world.


Detailed and Authentic Design: The most detailed scratch off travel map to scratch in the market. Our map is designed with beautiful bright colors, precise cartographic details of the terrain, flags of countries and capitals. A matte black design completes an elegant look, while a laminate finish protects your world map from accidental scratches.

Delineated States: The borders of the states of USA, Canada and Australia are perfectly delineated so that you can record your adventures in detail. Scratch more states as you explore more places in those countries!

The Perfect Gift for Travelers: Our map of the world of scratching comes in a package ready to give for the enjoyment of enthusiastic travelers you know. It is perfect to start a conversation. You will give them fun and special moments by scratching the map with friends and family while sharing travel stories.

Encourage that Bored Wall: Frame the scratch world map poster and you will have an elegant decoration on your wall. With smart measures of 61cm x 42.6cm, you will easily find a frame on Amazon or in any store. You will get attention and impress your guests with this amazing work!

Personalized Accessories: The package includes several accessories that complete your scratch map. A guitar pick is the perfect scratch tool, some memory stickers to save your travel memories, an eraser to clean the spots you can leave when scratching and a small magnifying glass for those who have visual difficulties.

Pros and Cons


  • Some include a sturdy cardboard cylinder for storage.
  • They can include some tool for scratching.
  • They can be hung on the wall or framed.


  • They can break when scratching too much.
  • Some are small because states or cities don’t look good.

The Scratch Map with the little touch

Driven by the success of the original scratch map, we met with creative directors at London Luckiest to create a new version of the traveler-sized edition. The smaller than usual guide is still as cool as its ancestor, however cuter inside and out. This makes the best present for any globetrotter since the guide (in its tough cylinder) fits in the rucksack without occupying a lot of significant room.

What is a World Map to Scratch?

They are a world map designed with a special layer on paper. Which allows it to be removed by scratching it with some tool or coin to discover the country. The scratch off travel map or Scratch Maps are very striking and attractive, so they can be hung on the wall and framed. Most also bring a cylinder with the relief of the map drawn to transport it without bending or damaging.

Guide to Buy a World Map to Scratch

If you are going to use it for a trip, scratch world maps that have an adequate size are recommended. That allows to see the different cities or states of the countries. Also include your own tool for scratching and a cylinder where it can be easily rolled and stored. If on the contrary, you want it to hang as a poster and decorate, all available designs have an attractive finish, which will make it stand out where it is hung.

Where to buy a world map to scratch?

The best online shopping platform to buy a spectacular and amazing world map to scratch is Amazon. There you will find multiple models of these fabulous maps, in addition to a great variety of brands, at an unbeatable price.


Scratch-off world maps can be a fantastic and original gift for people who have traveled a lot or like to do so as they replace the traditional way of marking countries with bedbugs; They are also a very modern type of poster to decorate a room or room and give it a unique touch, in addition, to be a didactic tool to learn from new countries and cities as a family.

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