What to Pack for a River Cruise

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You finally saved enough money for a vacation. You decide to go on, let’s say, the Amazon cruise which is absolutely brilliant and will take your breath away. However, there is just one tiny problem. You have no idea what to pack. If you are stuck in this situation, then you should not fret. 

A lot of people have faced the same problems. Some handled it well and others, not too well. What makes this so important is the fact that the average room in a river cruise is just about 200 square feet. What this means is that the number of things which you bring in would be limited if you want to breathe and live in that room during the cruise.

So the question of what to pack is very important. Here are some vital things you are surely going to need on your trip.


Umbrellas are small but can prove very essential. The truth is that you are going on a river cruise and this would surely take you along coastal areas. The likelihood of rainfall would surely be high. The sad thing is that it can happen anywhere and at any point in time. 

With this in mind, it would be important that you get yourself an umbrella. If you do not like umbrellas, then other rain gears would also be available. Just make sure that you are covered in the likely scenario that there is rainfall when you are on an excursion. It would save you from the prospect of having soaked clothes.

A backpack

A backpack is always going to be important. You are going to need to carry several things on your trip and you are going to need a mode of transportation. A backpack would fit in perfectly. You would be able to carry a lot of things such as your camera and your water bottle. So make sure that you have a bag with you. Be prepared to carry it while you are walking through. It can be one heck of a trip.


This is one of the more obvious things which you are going to need. However, you would have to resist the temptation of having to pack more clothes than you would need. Make sure that you pack more casual clothes as this would allow you to fully participate in the activities that would surely be in play during the cruise.

You would also have to make sure that you pack good shoes for the trip. While you might be a lover of flats, the sad truth is that you would probably not do well if you are on flats. Most of the roads which you will walk on will require an adequate pair of shoes. 

Water Bottle

 Water is vital even when you are surrounded by water. You would most likely go on hikes and probably excursions during your river cruise. This is because most cruises love to add varieties into their cruise to make sure that their guests enjoy every moment of it. If you are to go hiking, you would surely need to watch to wet your parched throat. So make sure that you take a water bottle with you. Who knows? You may probably have enough water to last you throughout an entire hiking experience.

Battery charger and a backup

No one would want their phone to run down during this fascinating period and I have no doubt that you also feel the same way. With this in mind, you should make sure that you get a battery charger to come along with both your phone and maybe your camera. A battery charger would make sure that your phone is kept filled when it comes to power.

Granted, one battery charger may end up lasting the whole journey. However, you should ensure that you also come with a second charger. The unpredictability of life can see your battery charger blow up right before your eyes and leave you completely stranded. Having a second charger would give you that confidence going into the trip. A battery charger is essential to having a good river cruise. Try not to lose it.


As earlier stated, a good camera is a must-have. With the advancement of smartphones, the need to get a full-fledged camera has become slimmer. If your smartphone has a camera you are proud of, then do not hesitate to take as many pictures as possible. If it does not, then you might actually need to get a full camera.

You should also make sure that you avoid such things like extra luggage, your computer and things you would most likely not need during this trip. A river cruise is one which is meant to be enjoyed fully. To do this, packing the right things is crucial. It would give you the needed foundation to have the fun that you truly desire.

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