Aussies will compete with the US and China in terms of gaming tourism

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The USA and Macau are surely leaders in Gaming tourism, but lately, Australia is competing with them in it.


Many countries, including the USA, Macau and Australia develop casinos within their bounds to get more tourists to come in, which is profitable for the economy as it brings in not only more money but also more recognition and potential investors.


Australia is an honored gaming and betting destination by international and local gamers as well. Australian Casinos are among the top tourist attractions of the country and draw up to 11 million tourists yearly.


Many casinos in Australia have a large number of local clients as well. Aussies spend over $20 billion on gaming annually.

The Biggest Advantages of Australian Casino Tourism

The very first reason why customers prefer Australian Casinos must be their tax policy. All Australian Casinos pay casino taxes, while in America, gamers have to pay the taxes out of their winnings.


Another advantage is that these 24/7 Casinos offer great restaurants and bars, as well as entertainment and luxury hotel rooms. Accordingly, they represent the best casinos for all your gaming needs!


The best places to gamble in Australia varies according to several key factors – location, type of gaming, and where Australia’s biggest casino wins have taken place.

Bonuses and Promotions to encourage gamers

All Australian Casinos, especially online casinos, regularly offer some bonuses both to the new and regular players.


New players usually get some welcome bonuses amount of which may depend on the deposit amount. Regular players get some cash-back bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and many other types of incentives.


Casinos use these bonuses and promotions to encourage gamers to register and playing for real money.


Some casinos also give players loyalty points per bet, and later these points can be exchanged into real cash. Consequently, loyal members get bonuses and valuable gifts more frequently.


Australian Online Casinos offer a wide variety of games, including a huge range of pokies, blackjack, baccarat, online poker, roulette, and many others.


Since most of them comply with all international standards and regulations, these casinos absolutely guarantee the withdrawal of all winnings. 


While choosing the safest and trusted online casinos, gamers also pay much attention to their mobile compatibility. That’s why a significant majority of Australia’s online casinos strive to optimize their websites for mobile devices. As a result, players get a no-compromise quality and quite similar features as desktop versions offered them.

Why Is gaming so prevalent in Australia?

Australians’ preferred gaming activities are permanently changing, but they remain the most prolific gamblers of the world.


The most prevalent types of gaming in Australia include lottery-type games and poker machines. Except the Western Australia, these pokies are allowed not only in casinos, but in pubs and other public areas as well. So they are easily accessed at almost every street corner. As a result, about 80% of Australian adults are addicted to gaming.


The current gaming addiction problem in Australia is evident. Still, since Casinos pay vast amounts of taxes for obtaining of the gaming license, the gaming industry itself remains highly profitable for the country. Australian Casinos also attract millions of foreigner tourists per year, and as it seems, the government has their addiction to this industry

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