All workers need permanent paid sick days and leave to fight coronavirus

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America is facing an unprecedented public health emergency. The priority for people the world over, including myself, has become protecting our families, loved ones, and the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

My friend Ady emailed you late last week before the House voted to take an important step by passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act––and the Senate should pass it immediately. But that legislation alone is not nearly enough to ensure that corporate greed doesn’t trump public health. 

Sign the petition and urge Congress to pass a strong, permanent sick days and paid leave bill that allows all workers to protect their health and care for loved ones, during and after this emergency.


Under this law, some workers would get 10 paid sick days and 12 weeks of paid leave for those who are sick from the coronavirus, quarantined, affected by closures, or caring for a close family member who is sick. That’s great but it still leaves more than 6.5 million* workers unprotected – including those who work for large corporations.

This bill also allows coverage to expire at the end of this year, leaving continuing care needs for sick family members unaddressed. Unacceptable.

Add your name now to call on Congress and urge them to pass strong legislation that will give all working people access to permanent sick days and paid leave. 

Millions of working people at Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King, Applebees, Dollar General, Dunkin’ Donuts, Target, Chipotle and a whole bunch of other brands that we all know, don’t currently have sick leave. All of these companies can afford to offer paid sick leave to all of their employees, but don’t – just so they can keep their profit margins as large as possible. Failure to cover them is unfair and dangerous for public health. Every day that we leave these workers unprotected, their health –– and ours –– is on the line. That is both unacceptable and plain foolish. 

We’ve seen our communities stand together in the face of the extreme before and I believe in my heart that we’ll see that same unity in action again now. If we sound off in numbers to let Congress know that our communities will not stand for corporate greed to be put over public health and welfare, we can secure a win for all working people that will protect us, our loved ones and our very way of life.   

via ennifer Epps-Addison
Network President & Co-Executive Director, CPDA

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