Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Vision

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Not only does a child’s diet play an important role in keeping their eyes healthy, so
does preventing potential injury to the eye and eye area and spotting and treating eye
problems or infections. Here are five ways to make sure your child has the best vision

1.) Make Sure Your Child Gets Regular Eye Exams– Visiting your doctor regularly
is an important step in maintaining your kid’s eye health because they can monitor
any changes or potential problems. Every time your child goes in for a body checkup
make sure the doctor spends some time on their eyes as well. Children’s eyes change
rapidly and need to be monitored regularly. If your kid wears glasses or contact lenses,
it is even more important because their eyes change and need to keep up with their
corrective lenses, contact or glass. One popular brand of lenses is the Air Optix Aqua
which lets eyes breath and can be easier for kids to wear.

2.) Kid-proof Your Furniture– It is almost impossible to keep accidents from
occurring but you can do your best to make sure you lessen the damage of these
accidents. Hardwood floors can be slippery and rugs that have slip-proof coating can
prevent falls. Look for hard corners and sharp edges on furniture and either remove
those items or buy (or make) rubber sides that take the edge out of them, so to
speak. Block off access to areas that are too dangerous and fence off the stairs when

3.) Keep Chemicals Out of Reach– Furniture is not the only hazardous household
item. Lock up chemicals and seemingly benign liquids, like shampoo or dish washing
soap. Store potentially harmful items in a high or other safe place away from children’s
reach or knowledge (if they are older)

4.) Check Your Children’s Toys– Many toys can be sharp and have pointy edges
that spell danger for the eyes. Keep a close eye on what toys your kids is playing with
and check regularly for broken toys that may have sharp edges. Also, make sure your
children get in the habit of putting things down before they walk. Tripping with something
sharp in their hands could be very dangerous.

5.) This includes everything from a scratched cornea to a detachment of the
retina. These are very serious injuries and sometimes lead to permanent damage. Luckily many sports require that players wear protective gear for their eyes and face and will not allow someone on the field without them, including football and lacrosse, and the gear is easy to find at a football or lacrosse equipment store. More and more sports should require this but until the rules are rewritten for every sport (or recreational activity) it is your job as a parent to make sure your kid is protected.

Follow these steps and best practices to ensure the safety of you children’s eyes.

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  1. Okay, Terri’s comment made me snort a little bit, but we have not been great about the eye exams…we are pretty vigilant with diet and furniture issues, but that won’t matter if we never actually get their eyes examined…thanks for the reminder!

  2. Eye gear is tops on this Mom’s list! Did I tell you my son was inquiring about having access to a blow torch the other day?

  3. Great reminder!

  4. Great advice!
    I think diet is something to full investigate and not something we all consider when thinking about eye health.

    I have my kid’s eyes check as part of our annual back to school checklist.

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