American Girl Doll-Caroline Abbott Review #GiftGuide

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I was lucky enough to be able to review the Historical Caroline American Girl Doll. As you can already tell, my daughter was very happy to have a new perfect doll to add to her collection.

Caroline Abbott-As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott’s bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he’s captured, Caroline must help keep the family’s shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions.

Your Caroline Doll can be purchased several different ways. You can purchase the Doll & Book for $105, The Doll, Book, & Accessories for $124, or the Doll & Boxed Set for $128.

We received the Doll & Book to review.

Our Thoughts:

As you can see in the pictures above, Ella absolutely loved her new baby. The American Girl Magazine is Ella’s dream catalog. She gets very excited when she is looking at the catalog, and wants literally everything in it.

Ella was very happy to get a “Pretty Baby” with blonde hair just like her. She could not have been happier about Caroline coming to her with a pink outfit, pink shoes, long blonde hair, and a wonderful book.

Ella might be a little young for the typical age for American girl dolls, but she definitely didn’t let that stop her with enjoying her new doll. Her Caroline doll does everything with her. She brings her to eat with us, takes her for car rides, and she also sleeps in a little bed right next to Ella’s bed….(at least when she goes to bed that’s where she is, but somehow when she wakes up, Caroline is always in bed with her).

I absolutely loves the Caroline doll! She is the ultimate doll, pretty, pink, and blonde hair.

Ella has loved looking through the catalog, to tell everyone what else she would like to have purchased for her.


If you are interested in purchasing the Caroline American Doll, you can click here. If you would like to learn more about Caroline, or see many of the accessories that you can purchase, please click here!

Danielle received the American Girl Caroline Doll, in order to facilitate her review. All opinions are her own and honest. Please see “Disclose” tab for more info.


  1. My daughter wants this for a Christmas Gift so we are going to Dallas to the big store, so she can have a blast. Her Favorite doll would be Rebecca. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She looks like she really loves her new doll.. Great pics

  3. Gia has Caroline, we love her! Only, I stole her away lol She has a few American Dolls she won’t go any place without. Caroline stole my heart and I don’t want to see her ruined so fast.

  4. Ms. Ma’am has wanted one of these for so long!

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