New York Toy Fair- Where Fun and Games Begin

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Starting tomorrow, the Jacob Javits Center in New York City will be host to the worlds largest gathering of toys and games, organized by the Toy Industry Association. Hundreds of toy manufacturers and game publishers gather to show off their recent and upcoming products to retailers, buyers, and the press. The New York Toy Fair is filled with nearly every toy, game, form of electronic entertainment, and outdoor play thing you can imagine.
With roughly 100,000 products and 7,000 new toy debuts, NY Toy Fair is a wonderland for your inner child. Here are a few toys who made their premiers at the Javits Center in 2012 that were interesting, innovative, and fun for families.
CrayolaDigital Light Designer

This fun and adaptable new drawing medium is designed to allow children to draw and create with lights.
The Digital Light Designer uses colored LED lights to let kids draw, imagine, and be creative- with no mess. Using a special attached stylus on a spinning 360 degree domed drawing surface, kids can easily switch between eight different colors, or erase and start over. They can also save up to fifty creations. It takes 4 D Batteries or alternately, can be plugged in.


These plush robot freinds have glowing chests that help children learn to be brave in the dark. When you touch the hands of these toys (available in several varieties), a soft light glows and gives comfort to scared children. Brobo also has animated webisodes, games and books that encourage friendship, family, adventure, and learning.

Rockboard Descender

Rockboard has come up with a fantasitc innovation for boarders this year, taking the off-season to the next level. The Descender features high-performance, tank like treads never before used in the boarding experience. This unique and new for the Spring of 2012 board helps to keep sports enthusiasts active in all seasons, enabling riders to “surf” down grass and hills. It can hold riders up to 200 lbs.

National Geographic Dino Dig by Uncle Milton

Education meet fun….and dinosaurs. This is a parent’s idea of a great, educational afternoon of bonding. National Geographic has partnered with Uncle Milton to create these dinosaur digs, where your child can chisel into a “rock” and dig out the bones inside.. You can dig, you can discover, you can excavate….you are your own paleontologist. Plus there are all the dino learning fun facts for curious kids and an informative look at the creature you unearthed. Note- this is messy, do it outside or on old newspapers.

La Dee Da Dolls- fashion, creativity, and travel inspired. These adorable dolls are appropriate and dressed in a way that you would be happy to see your daughter emulate, nothing slinky or sexy – they are not the typical barely dressed and body disproportionate dolls that make me feel like they encourage eating disorders and body dysmorphic issues with small girls and tweens- while they do have large heads, they don’t have big chests or things of that nature, and I appreciate that. Plus, they are pretty, fun, glittery and colorful which kids will be drawn to. These dolls also encourage travel and learning about new cultures, as well as fashion and style (which most girls will appreciate).

The “Incredible Creatures” from Safari LTD- these super size versions are life like, educational, affordable fun. Check out the flying squirrel, who has realistic features and is the size of the real thing. Playful, sturdy, and great to play with as well as learn from, Safari LTD has a variety of creatures your child can choose from and learn about.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Looks like so much fun, wish that I had been able to attend this year!

  3. How cool! Thanks for sharing a sneak peek at all these new toys!

  4. Alicia Keen says

    did you brave the snow to go here?

  5. I can’t wait to see the highlights of this years event.

  6. I want the CrayolaDigital Light Designer, but my son would want the Rockboard. Looks like a super fun event!

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