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sea worldEver want to feel like you are part of a giant water show? Then head to SeaWorld in the rain, LOL.

This week has been a rainy one, but we have not let that dampen our fun! Little Man loves animals, so SeaWorld was a must-do for us. Shamu had a wonderful “One World” show that is not to be missed, rain or shine. This was exciting for my son, because he was convinced that the whales were splashing us the entire time (it was a very, very wet day). The music and acrobatics of the animals were amazing, and I guess they didn’t mind the rain, either, LOL.

05 30 12 447Next up was Dolphin Cove- it had stopped raining (we thought), so we headed on over to visit the dolphins while we waited for Shamu’s Happy Harbor to open up. We watched them play for a few minutes- then the sky opened up again and we made a break for it! LOL (You can pay an extra fee to feed the dolphins if you want to at certain times of the day). There is also a Dolphin Nursery, where the babies are kept with their mommies.

05 30 12 488Next up was Turtle Trek, which is indoors. This new 3D attraction is based on the life of a sea turtle, from hatching out of an egg, to life in the ocean, and the return to nest herself. Before we go inside to see the show, we view giant aquariums of marine life, including some wounded turtles who cannot return to life in the wild. The theme of the show is conservation and inspiring children to become “everyday heroes” by throwing away garbage in proper bins, recycling, and taking care of the planet. A SeaWorld employee tells us about the lives of some of the marine life we are looking at, and explains about the movie we are to see.

05 30 12 452When we enter the domed theater, we put on our glasses and the show begins with our “hatching” and trying to find our way to the ocean amid the dangers around us. Viewing the film via floor to ceiling panels, you can really let yourself feel as if you are in the ocean. After you see the movie, you can play a video game to help instill the lessons learned in the movie, such as keeping the ocean clean.

08 24 12 123And guess what- the rain did finally let up, and we even got to ride 2 rides at Shamu’s Happy Harbor before the park closed. Luckily for us, the rain had driven all but the most hardy away- and there were no lines, bonus 🙂


  1. I appreciate the scoop on Seaworld! My daughter’s been begging us to take her. I haven’t been in 20+ years, so it’s nice to have this personal preview “tour” from you. Love your attitude despite the rain, by the way. 🙂

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