Cookbook: Vegan Slow Cooking For Two or Just For You

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As a former vegetarian who at one time dated and lived with a vegan, I have learned to appreciate meatless meals. I also have a small family of just three of us, so I was excited to test out the book, Vegan Slow Cooking For Two or Just For You by Kathy Hester.

Vegan Slow Cooking For Two or Just for You is full of everything from entrees to side dishes and even sauces to accompany many meals.

The Good:

Vegan Slow Cooking For Two or Just for You has beautiful photos. For me, as a chef, I was taught we “eat with our eyes first”, so this is one of the most important aspects any cookbook can have. The photos really made my mouth water and my husband came in and peeked over my shoulder and didn’t even know it was a vegan cookbook.

I liked that the book also included tips for using a slow cooker as well as an explanation of some new ingredients that may not be familiar to many home cooks. There was also a section on tips for cooking for small families in general as well, which I found very useful. I think this book would be great as a wedding gift!

The book not only lists the details of how to make the recipes but also the calorie count. This is a big plus!

The Bad:

Although the images included were stunning, there were not many and most of the recipes did not include a photo. To me, as a reader, I lose interest in the recipes with no image and often skip them. Other than my usual complaint about images in recipe books, I think this book is nearly perfect.

What I made from It:

I made the Hazelnut “Creamer”. It obviously doesn’t have cream in it, but you could easily make it vegetarian and add some or keep it vegan and add some soy or almond milk. I was actually amazed at how intense the flavor was and how creamy it turned out even though it had no cream! The beautiful color that came out of the hazelnuts as well as the delicious aroma in my kitchen was amazing.


This book retails for $19.99

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