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With every new console innovation, a bright shiny new technology is expected, but what if instead of adding something new, some components are improved.  This improvement has long been the norm for Nintendo.  First release a new innovative system, then tweak it, make it better, different and more accessible.  This is the idea behind the new Nintendo 2DS handheld system.  The handheld is based on the 3DS handheld but has tweaked a bit to have a lower price point, and more accessibility to children of all ages.  This in addition to a big design change gives players a new way to play their 3DS and DS games.

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The 2DS in comparison to the 3DS is now one solid unit, no hinge in the middle.  Also it has a more tablet-feel, with a slight tilt when put down, to rest easier on a hard surface and play in this manner.  The most remarkable characteristic of the unit is the removal of the 3D feature.  The 3DS has a slider which can increase the 3D experience or remove it completely to a 2D gaming experience.  This 2D experience is the way in which gameplay is featured on the 2DS.  You may be thinking so then why not just get a DS?  The reason is this unit could be called a DS2.  The 2DS can play most DS games as well as all 3DS games,with crisp sharp graphics and some incredibly fun games like Pokemon X and Y and Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, the entertainment value is quite high.  With the reduction of 3D the price of the 2DS was also reduced, leading to a more wallet friendly way to get the newest system and games in the hands of you and your kids.

I personally loved the 3DS and was a bit skeptical of the 2DS upon first hearing about it.  But upon actually using it, I was impressed.  The most noticeable hands on difference is the re-orientation of the button and joystick which seem more natural and comfortable to my hands.  Honestly the 3D component is almost not missed in most games.  I would definitely suggest the 2DS to those looking to jump into the current generation of handhelds at an accessible price  of 129.99 MSRP and includes an SD card, wall adapter, stylus, and AR cards as well as all the built in software of the 3DS and access to the Nintendo eShop.


  1. Closer to Lucy says

    Ohhh…shiny new handhelds are a holiday fave around here! One just may have to find it’s way into a certain stocking that I know of ;0)

  2. I didn’t know there was 2DS

  3. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    Oh my daughter would LOVE this!

  4. My son has the 3DS, but my s-i-l was mentioning getting the 2DS the other day… I’ll have send this to her.

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