Belfry’s Christmas Gift – Children’s Book

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If you are looking for a sweet book to add to your Christmas collection this year, Let me suggest “Belfry‘s Christmas Gift“, the second book in the ‘Tales of Little Overhill’ series. Written by Mike Joens, this adorable tale revolves around Belfry, a cute woodland animal who is trying to think of the perfect gift to give to Theo for Christmas.  Along the way, he comes across the village curmudgeon, who he tries to befriend.

According to my son (7 years old), he says that in the book, “it shows just because you look mean on the outside, doesn’t mean that you are really a bad guy.  And God loves you how you are, no matter what.”

Belfry’s Christmas Gift is a really great book for kids of all ages, to tell the true meaning of Christmas.  The book is also fun for them to hear, and the animals are always a good touch for children (what child doesn’t love animals?).  The book is beautifully illustrated by Len Simon, with the images and expressions just right for kids.  The animals are cute and cuddly (well, most of them!) and the scenery is pretty- we all know that we are visual creatures, and that the illustrations for kids especially are nearly as important as the story to keep them interested.  They will love both the pictures and the story here, and it’s available now in time for the holidays for just under $15.

kids christmas bookMore about the book;

“In this heartwarming Christmas story from Theo’s Tales of Little Overhill, Belfry must think of something to give Theo at the Christmas party. He soon discovers that the best gifts are not those wrapped in ribbons and bows. Belfry’s gift is one that changes the life of a gruff and lonely clockmaker, someone shunned by all of the village animals. It is the gift of love!”


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