Looking for the Perfect Travel Purse?

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If you give me a big purse, I will carry everything in it. I do mean everything. Snacks for the kid, tissues, lip balm, hand cleaning products…the list goes on and on.
Ladies, I am going to let you in on a little trick. The secret to looking great while on the go doesn’t require effort. It requires you to find a style that flatters you, that is comfortable, and that will enhance your  your wardrobe subtly. Who would have thought that adding a bag to your look could be a game changer?

20150502_195156I am not talking about any bag either. I am talking about a Baliboca bag. These are pretty sweet for a Mom on the go. If I am dashing off to an after school event with the kid, or having a family fun day at the Zoo. My Baliboca Neoprene Shoulder Bag is great. I stays with me, requires no hands, and best of all, it can discreetly slip under my coat or sweatshirt if I want.

Now this is huge. You don’t want to know how many times I have been the lady that could just drag a suitcase in wheels around for all of the stuff motherhood requires. The Baliboca shoulder bag is great for helping me just say no to becoming a walking vending machine.

It is great for travel, the perfect travel bag.  It keeps me feeling safe. Red this and you will understand why:

It was invented in Bali, and promptly put to test when a thief on a motorbike tried stealing it from one of us and immediately crashed when the purse did not budge. Mission accomplished and karma served. 
This bag is not coming off of your body! I love that.   This bag is really great for a busy woman, it stays with you, it looks great and it stays safe.  It’s a great size for just the essentials you need- wallet, keys, passport, room key- the main things.  Not the eleventy-thousand things you feel the need to drag around most of the time.

pic9I got the neoprene one, which is machine washable, hang to dry as well. As a traveling mom on the run, being able to wash my bag offers a perk that is worth more than its weight in gold.  (We all know they get dirty, especially when you are dragging them everyone right on your body all summer long.)
There are 3 colors available right now, black, blue, and red. They are stylish, and great for a woman on the go, no matter where she is headed!  There is also a leather option if you prefer.

Disclosure- I received this product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest.


  1. hey,thanks for this post,yes indeed everyone need a travel purse

  2. Carlee C says

    I like the sleek and compact design. This light weight option would be perfect for amusement park visits or hiking.

  3. Travel Blogger says

    I’m the exact same way. The bigger the purse, the more I carry.

  4. What a great invention! Sometimes it would be nice to have everything hidden – I’ve felt that way a few times in different locations while traveling!

  5. That looks so comfortable to wear. Sometimes it is such a pain in the back to haul around a heavy shoulder bag. And do we really need all of that stuff we carry?

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