Why You Might Want to Consider a Winter Vacation

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What’s so special about summer vacations? Why should summer get all the fun? If you really want to know the answer, it comes down to school scheduling. But schools have not always taken a break in the summer. Before the Civil War, school, such as it was, took place year round. Rural schools took to breaks in the spring and fall while city schools took breaks in the spring.

Now that the U.S. school system has largely agreed to take time off in the summer, it makes sense that family vacations would be scheduled during that time. The only vacation time we get in the winter is roughly the first two weeks of it, otherwise known as the holiday season. Even so, that time off is often spent preparing an elaborate staycation, or going off to see nearby relatives that are just over the river and through the woods.

There is something to be said for ditching the traditional vacation during the summer, and putting all your eggs in the winter vacation basket. Here are some reasons you might want to do that, and some places you might want to do it:

Not Everyone Has Kids

Summer vacation is all about the kids. But what if you don’t have any kids? Why should your vacation schedule be dominated by school scheduling? Even if you have kids, depending on age, going on vacation with the kids might feel a lot more like work than vacation.

By taking a winter vacation without the kids, you can go on a more adult-themed vacation. Leave the cartoon characters and talking animals behind, and enjoy something with a bit more sophistication. Cruises are considered to be one of the highest sophisticated forms of adult vacations. As for the best winter cruise? The Caribbean is always a great option. But really, almost anywhere makes for a great winter cruise vacation.

Because It’s Warmer Some Place Else

Why do birds fly south for the winter? The same reason you should. As a rule, it’s warmer in the south. Southern California is a popular destination for those who want to get out of the cold because it is 75 and sunny all year round.

Because of its popularity as a winter destination, make sure to do your hotel booking online and early. When taking your vacation at a popular destination, getting the best price for a room is not the primary concern. Getting a room at any price is the first order of business. Securing that room where you want, for as long as you want, at a price you are willing to pay is the reward for planning ahead.

Because You’ve Seen All the Summer Places

Do you feel like you are going to the same places year after year? Maybe that’s because you are going at the same time every year. It might even be worth going back to one of your favorite places at a different time of the year. Alaska is a good example.

There are some Alaskan sights and adventures that you can take in the summer that may not be available during the winter. But the reverse is also true. Because of the seasonal ice roads, there are some places in Alaska you can’t get to If you are not there in the Winter.

Whether it be the Caribbean, Southern California, or Alaska, there are good reasons and places to go in the winter. So the next time you here the now famous words, “Winter is coming,” think vacation.


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