Tips for Travel with Children

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I frequently travel, and since becoming a mother, it hasn’t stopped me. Travel with children can be a little difficult. It can be a little stressful. It doesn’t have to be though! They may be, slightly out of their normal routine, but it doesn’t have to mean a bad experience for you. Here are some tips to make travel with children a little easier.


Take your time. Whether that is getting to the airport, making a connection or getting to a hotel. There is no rush. Just plan ahead and make sure you allow a lot of time. I have found that kids love the airport. They get to have a walk, see the airplanes and eat snacks. So allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy it as much as you can. I think if you are feeling stressed, your kids notice.


This might sound like an obvious one, but it is so important. From the method of travel to the hotel, it all needs to be planned. You don’t want to turn up to the hotel to find that is isn’t family friendly or doesn’t have any travel cribs. Read the fine print when booking a hotel, and opt for family friendly hotels like Hotwire hotels. Then you won’t be faced with any unexpected surprises.

The other important things to plan are what you will do at your destination and how you will travel. If it is just adults you can just hire a car and it isn’t a problem. With children, there is the extra foreplanning for things like car seats. Will you take your own? Does your airline allow you to take them without a charge? How much are they to rent? These are all important questions to think about.

Every destination will have something for the family to do. Do your research ahead of time to find out what the best spots are. Some attractions may need to be booked in advance. You don’t want to find that you have to wait in a long line with tired children!

Pack Light

Well, with kids, as light as you possibly can. They don’t need to bring all their favourite toys. One or two would be plenty. This is when technology comes in handy too. If you have a smartphone or tablet, can you use that to entertain them on the plane or car journeys? You will most likely be taking it anyway, and it will keep them occupied for a length of time for sure.

The other thing to do with the things you are taking is check the climate of the destination. If it is a varied climate, it is trickier. If you know it will be cold, pack accordingly. Likewise for warmth. When you book your hotel or villa, it is worth checking if there is a laundry service or a washing machine available. This will mean you won’t have to pack something for each day. Do a little laundry and you will be able to pack rather light.
Good luck on your travels! It doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect. Relax, deep breaths and enjoy!

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