Chicken Lollipops

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Here is a quick great recipe for Buffalo and Asian BBQ Chicken Lollipops by Chef Josh Capon.  These were snapped up in seconds, and smelled amazing as well.   This recipe was provided by Chef Josh Capon at the JCPenny Tailgating Party, and is perfect for the next party you are throwing.



5 lbs chicken wingettes

1 cup flour

1 bottle Franks hot sauce, or hot sauce of your choice

1 pint bleu cheese dressing

2 cups Hoisin sauce

1/2 cup soy suace

2 tbsp Tabasco

2 tsp fresh lime juice

1 cup season rice wine vinegar

vegetable oil for deep fryer

black and white sesame seeds

celery, carrot and cucumber sticks

salt and pepper


  1. Chop off both ends of the wingettes using a sharp knife removing the joints.  Pull out one of the two bones and push the meat to one side.  Set aside in fridge until ready to use.  These can also be frozen at this point to decrease prep time during the week
  2. Make the Asian BBQ sauce:  Mix together the hoisin sauce, soy sauce, lime juice and Tabasco in a small mixing bowl
  3. Marinate the cucumber sticks in the rice wine vinegar for one hour then remove and place in refrigerator.
  4. Preheat fryer to 375 degrees, season wings in a mixing bowl with salt, pepper and a light dusting of flour.  Place wings into fryer and cook at 375 in small batches until golden brown.
  5. Let drain then place in a bowl with with salt.  Then toss in your choice of sauces and coat thoroughly.  Serve the Buffalo wings with bleu cheese and celery as well as carrot sticks.  The Asian BBQ wings can be sprinkled with the sesame seeds and served with the pickled cucumbers.
  6. Serve immediately and move out of the way.  Once your guests try these they will disappear fast as well as your hand if you aren’t careful.


  1. These Buffalo and Asian BBQ Chicken Lollipops are a terrific idea and super recipe. My son would enjoy this!

  2. One can never have enough chix recipes, thanks!

  3. We eat a lot of chicken in my household! This looks delicious!

  4. These do look amazing, and I’ve never made anything like this. I want to make them, as I want people to grab them out of my hands so fast I need to be careful – cool!

  5. I’m always looking for new ways to try chicken, and this looks fun! Perfect for football season.

  6. Maryann D. says

    This is really fun recipe! My son and husband would enjoy eating it and I would have fun making it.

  7. Wow those look amazing like they came out of a restaurant. Franks red hot sauce is the best too!!!

  8. Julie Wood says

    This Chicken Lollipops sound amazing and fun to make with my son and daughter. I like how pretty they looked!

  9. BILL HOFF says

    We are always looking for different ways to prepare chicken!!

  10. vickie couturier says

    these look so good,they wont last long at my house

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