Putting The Kids To Bed

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Getting kids to go to bed is no easy feat- many parents dread the nightly routine of the kids whining, crying, and tantruming to stay up.  Looking to make getting to bed sweeter?  Here are some of our current favorites.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Snuggle and Glow Plush Toy is great for fans of the hit TV show, as well as any child who is afraid of the dark.  This cute tiger comes with his own toy, Tigey that glows. Daniel Tiger is dressed for bed in his trolly PJ’s, and ready to say helpful and comforting phrases as well as singing the “Goodnight” song from Mommy Tiger.  When you push Daniel’s hand, he will talk, sing, or just glow, depending on which “mode” you have him in.  Tigey lights up and begins to fade as the “Goodnight song” winds down, which kids will love.  It’s nice to have a familiar friend with you when you get scared, even better that it can glow in the dark. Requires 3 (AAA) batteries (Included). You can get this toy for around $25 at Amazon.


A new, fun toy that my son loves (and is great for home, and travel) is FlipAZoo.  This toy is really a 2-in-1, where you can transform it from one animal from another.  Examples are dragon to unicorn, husky to polar bear, cat to mouse. It’s easy to do- jut flip the top over and bam- new animal.  It’s soft, crudely, and makes a great pillow for car rides, airplanes, and road trips. They come in three sizes, and kids will love them.  My son has brought his with him traveling, and likes to snuggle with it at home on the couch while watching movies as well. You can get yours at http://www.flipazoo.com for $20 (for the medium/regular sized).


Based on the popular book “The Little Prince” by Antoine Saint-Exupery (soon to be a movie as well), YOTTOY’s has created the plush endearing The Little Prince collection to fly this Little Prince home to yours. You can choose between the “The Little Prince Figurine in Gift Box”, which is a 4″ Little Prince Figurine for $13  if your kids are a little older or more collectors, and the “The Little Prince & Fox Soft Toy Pair”.  My son loves this stuffed toy duo, and it is fun to recreate the stories and episodes out of the book.  The toy inspired us to re-read the story, and of course the Little Prince and his fox enjoyed being a part of that.  They loved “showing me” all the mischief they got into. Plush Little Prince is 12” plush and comes complete with Fox. You can get them for $27 at http://www.yottoy.com/home.html


If you prefer the traditional, you can’t go wrong with Aurora’s line of Teddy Bears. They vary from “baby’s first” to the fuzziest furs and interesting colors that kids will enjoy.  Some of the latest are Smiley Buxley (with, of course, a fantastic teddy smile), and the fantasticly detailed Horace and Smokey.  The faces on these bears are just too sweet (you might get an extra for yourself- you won’t want to put it down either), and your children will be delighted.  Place one of these huggable cuties on your child’s bed in secret, so that when the bedtime protests start, they will quickly be derailed once they see the new fluffy friend that is waiting for them to come snuggle into sleep.  A fun bedtime surprise that will get your little one happily drifting off to sleep.  You can find these and more at http://www.auroragift.com/aurorababy/

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