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With back to school season upon us, we are seeking out the best and most fun back to school items. Here are a few of our current favorites.

Do you have a child entering Pre-K or Kindergarten this year? Check out Bixbee.  These cute bags have animal faces, butterfly wings, rockets, and other great patterns and styles.  The size of the backpacks are also smaller for little kids.  For bigger kids, tamer color palettes and more typical styles of backpack are available.  Bixbee is that they comes in three sizes, so you can pick what best suits your child’s stature.  This will keep your child pain free in the back and shoulder area, since the size and fit will be right. It’s recommended that the backpack rest in the lower back, and no more then four inches below the waist to avoid causing chronic pain, which is important to Bixbee.  These backpacks are also sturdy, PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead free, and have many pockets for your child’s ever growing menagerie of belongings.  Bixbee cares about kids- when you buy a backpack, they donate one to a child in need somewhere in the world.  You can get yours at http://www.bixbee.com

kids backpack

For tween girls, Toys R Us (exclusively) offers two different styles of Power Puff backpacks this year- Power Puff Girls Rock and Power Puff Girls All Over print.  With a new animated series on Cartoon Network, all the kids are loving the doe-eyed sisters more then ever.  Adjustable straps, and silky, sturdy materials make this backpack one that is both kid friendly, fun, and eye catching, as well as one mom will approve of. Matching lunchboxes are also available. Backpacks retail for about $16.99 each.

Don’t forget the lunchbox!

We recently discovered Bentology, a lunchbox that comes with it’s own compartmentalized tupperware-type container inside.  These insulated lunch bags come in a variety of colors and have thier own fork and spoon as well. If your child prefers lunches that don’t always consist of a sandwich, this is for you. These bento box sets let you use the portioned containers to pack your child’s favorite foods for lunch without a million little containers to wash later. Check out the website for cute lunch ideas and creative tips, as well.

lunch box

Bentology lunch bags come in seven different prints and styles and are equipped with multiple  compartments and a water bottle holder on the outside of the bag.  You can get thermos, cool packs, rice molds, and more to go with your kits and add to the cute and fun lunch experiance.  All Bentology products are available for purchase at Bentology.net, scsdirectinc.com, amazon.com and specialty retailers nationwide.

We also love  Dabbawalla bags. These adorable, easy to clean, and attractive lunchboxes and backpacks are specially designed for preschoolers and the young elementary students in mind.  The designs were meant to be free of commercial influence (cartoons or action figures, movie characters, etc) yet still colorful and fun for children.  They display bright and wholesome designs and images, such as puppies, apples, rocket ships, etc.  The Lunch Totes are really large, and have enough space to fit everything you need for a whole day at Pre-School, with no leftovers. You can also fit everything for a really big eater into it- it has a lot of room, which this mom loves.  It is really hard to find a bag that will do that. They are also easy to clean and machine washable, line dry- and they actually come clean.  This is a rarity.

If you have a big eater, a long day, or a messy kid, you will love Dabbawalla. Visit http://dabbawallabags.com/ and find your bag.

backpack cliips

Now, for the most important (to any kid) part- the backpack clips. The more, the merrier- these are a big deal right now.  My son’s current favorites are the new Emojiez and Whiffer Sniffers.

Whiffer Sniffers remind me of those markers we had in grade school, the ones where each color had a smell? We loved those. These scented plush characters are adorable, and really smell like they are supposed to.  My son’s cookie and doughnut Whiffer Sniffers have his room smelling sweet- and that’s not a joke. His room really smells like confections, and it’s been several weeks that he’s had them. Not overwhelming- but better then an average boy room, I’ll tell you that. There are several sizes and styles available for each character-  snuggley super size, a backpack clip, and scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers. You can also find exclusive characters only found inside specially marked mystery packs- but watch out, there are a LOT of blueberry in those packs as well. Ah, the fun is in the hunt, right? Grab yours at a toy store near you or at http://whiffersniffers.com/ .

poop toy

He is also loving Emijiez- especially, of course, the poop. What is with the poop? I guess we can only be thankful that these are NOT the scented toys.  He and all his friends are going crazy for Emojiez, and the poop is definitely the most coveted. These come in stuffed toy, blind packs, pencil toppers, erasers, backpack pals, and more. The Emojiez “Plushiez”, “Buddiez”, “Squishiez”, “SlapBandz”, “Eraserz” and “All Starz” (get the theme here?) characters are based on existing emoji’s that you use for text and PMs. Because if there’s not an app for that, certainly there is an Emoji.

These are hot items, kids are going crazy for them.  You can get them in stores like Toys R Us, Amazon, and at http://www.emojiez.com/ .


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