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Candy Free Easter Baskets

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With Easter around the corner, you are likely starting to gather items for your children’s baskets. You probably don’t want to fill them with candy, and might be looking for other small items to put inside. Here are a few toys we think are a great fit.

Are your children fans of Super Wings? The new Super Wings Vroom ‘n Zoom are great for pre-k and toddler aged kids, they push to rev up, then release them to speed away.  Jett and friends available, $5.99.  Also available are the Super Wings Transform-a-Bots four Pack. These planes can transform from planes to robots in just three easy steps, each slightly differently, since they are shaped uniquely. Transform-a-bots let your kids recreate favorite scenes from the Super Wings TV show or imagine whole new helpful deliveries. $11.99

super wings toys
PJ Masks, another show for young kids, makes similar cars. PJ Masks Mini Vehicles feature your favorite heroes from the hit show.  You can get Catboy in his Cat-Car, Gekko in his Gekko-Mobile, and Owlette in her Owl Glider. Each car is $6.99 at stores like Walmart and Toys R Us. The cars are a good size for small hands, and are easy to push and roll around.

Madballs are great for slightly older kids, and even tweens. They are fun, gross, and collectable. Millennials and kids born around that time might remember them- they were first out in 1985 (so dad will likely get a huge kick out of them as well).  Icky faces made of foam that are also great to throw, hit, bounce, etc- everything you’d do with any other ball, but these are “way more better” since they have gruesome features.  They come in the classic 3 inch (typical ball-ish size) and mini blind bags. Six Madballs characters are currently available: Dustbrain, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Screamin’ Meemie, Skull Face, and Slobulus. $7.99 each, $2.99 for the mini blind bags.

no candy Easter Basket

If you want to take the fun outside, check out Bunch O Balloons. These are like classic water balloons, except you can fill AND tie 100 of them in less than one minute. Really. These balloons not only fill quuickly, but are self tying. If you ask me, that’s alwyas the worst part, the tying.  Just connect the ballons bunch to your hose or sink, and fill them up- done. The balloons are also biodegradable, so if you miss a few pieces when picking up after yourself, at least it’s safer. OK, maybe that’s the best part. We love these, it’s hard to pick a best part. Oh wait- did I mention they now come in “Minion” form? Yes! SO much fun. You and the kids will have a blast with Bunch O Balloon warfare. $9.99

You can also get the portable Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker to take with you on the go. Wherever you want to take your water balloon fight you can. No need for a hose, just put the balloons on the front nozzle, put the filler into a pool, bucket of water, any body of water, and fill it. It also doubles as a water gun, huzzah for double use!  It is $14.99 for the Filler/Soaker and 3 bunches of included Bunch O Balloons.

Animal Jams are adorable toy pets that you “adopt”. After you open your new friend, you can also activate them online on the Animal Jams website.  The site helps you keep track of your collection as well as unlock special online accessories and play games. Kids can also learn about plants and animals, but we recommend parents monitor all chat on the site to be safe. There are all sorts of options, ranging from blind packs, pets that come with their own pet (really), playsets, and more. They are a great size for an Easter basket, and quite a few of them are even “Easter Egg” sized. Just right! Prices vary per product. Available in many stores as well as online at places like Amazon.

animal stickbots

To add more animal fun to your Easter basket, a personal favorite of ours, Stickbot, now introduces Stickbot Pets. These are so much fun and let your child be so imaginative, we can’t say enough good things about Stickbots. They are inexpensive, nearly impossible to break, teach your child technological and creative skills like photo and video editing, and inspire hours of fun. With the addition of pets (including not-so-pet-like animals like gorillas and pandas) your Stickbots and Pets can have more companionship on their adventures. Who knows where they will end up? Let your kids find out. Love. These. About $5 each in stores like Target.


  1. Maryann D. says

    All of these ideas make for a fun Easter Basket. I always tried to put little toys or other items in my children’s baskets besides candy. I know my daughter would have loved the Animal Jams.

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