It’s Still Summer- Take Advantage With With These Fun Toys

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As we head into the last few weeks of summer, soak up ever last bit of fun.

Water balloon fights are awesome, but are not fun to clean up after, and a few people always get stuck making a ton of balloons (and those knots….blah).  An easy work around is the new Water Wubble.  The Water Wubble is a new water based Wubble (the latest toy in the Wubble family) which is able to be filled with water from the pool, faucet, ocean, or hose easily and quickly. It easily seals up after filling.  When it is thrown, it hits your target with a splash and can be refilled again and again for loads of fun. No knots required.

We have found the Water Wubble is easy to fill in the pool, at the beach and the hose all just the same.   These are a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love a water fight in the heat of the summer?  The coolest part of the Water Wubble is its re-usability.  Each Wubble can be filled hundreds of times and seal up easily and can be used again and again. The Water Wubble is available online directly from the Wubble website, Walmart, Target and ToysRUs.  The Water Wubble retails for $14.99.

Looking for some indoor/outdoor fun? WeCool’s Bobble Bitz, aimed at girls ages five and up but would be fun for anyone who likes to create (don’t want to pigeonhole!)  is a squishy molding compound that lets kids create all sorts of unique items and designs that harden overnight jewelry they can wear or artwork they can show off on the mantle. There are four different Bobble Bitz sets to choose from. including the Bobble Bitz Creation Station  which is the largest and most complete set. It contains six different colored compounds and an assortment of molds, clips and art tools for designing jewelry, window clings, keychains, and anything else your little artist can dream up. $29.99 at

You can also get kits specific to your child’s favorite type of art or creativity medium- there are the Bobble Bitz Too Cool Window Clings kit, $14.99, a fashion kit for $14.99, and a Bobble Bitz Triple Creation Packs that has three containers of different colored crunchy molding compound for $9.99Pick what works for you and yours, see how it goes.

Looking to make a mess? We’ve got you covered. Compound Kings is all about the Slime- and I’ve got to say, there is something oddly satisfying about it. (Ages 4 and up)

Compound Kings™ Fluffy – Squishy like slime, but with a little poof, this fluffy stuff comes ready to be used and in a wide array of bright colors. It’s crazy stretchy . Prefer to make it? Get the powder version! All you need to do is add water and you will get a slime that is ready in just a few minutes. The container it comes in doubles as storage, so there isn’t a mess afterwards. Don’t leave it out, that gets all sorts of ew. You can also get a DIY kit that has 13 different packs of powder and “make your own color” compound. You can even do glitter, hey now- maybe they won’t want to tell their little sisters.  You can pick them up in single packs and 3 packs as well, and in all sorts of colors, including neon. Prices from $2.99 and up in stores like Michaels.

And for my fellow 80’s babies (and everyone else), this is more of a look ahead- but I’m excited. As you might remember from our Toy Fair shout outs, Teddy Ruxpin is soon to make a comeback, new and digitally remastered for the more technologically demanding child of today.  After his new hi-tech makeover (sorry, no more  cassette tapes in his back) and an LCD eyelift, he’s ready to go for the Fall season. I personally can’t wait, he was one of the most treasured toys of my childhood.

Coming at you from Wicked Cool Toys, who have been very into the “what’s old is new again” retro toys, Teddy Ruxpin will hit shelves in time for holidays (but I have to tell you I already saw them on Toys R Us and Walmart websites for $99 and $94, respectively).

Visit to find out more and to get your hands on one. These are going to go fast, so if you want one, you are going to need to move fast.

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