5 Effective Ways To Increase Value Of Your Old House

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The housing market can be quite tricky. Even the smallest things can have an impact on the overall value of your home. Your house is an investment. You must be willing to put in money if you expect to get the best deal for it. There’s so much you can do to spruce up the look of your home, but the trick lies in knowing what investments will bring back high returns. If you are looking to increase the value of your old house, the following five tips will help you get there with ease.

1. Upgrade your Kitchen and bathroom

Any expert worth their salt will tell you the kitchen should be the first room to consider for an upgrade. It is the heart of every home, and families will spend a lot of their time here. You can start by replacing your old appliances with new stainless steel ones.

Even tiny details such as replacing your sink or even using shiny knobs for your cabinet doors can have a great impact on your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. You can add some upgrade technology aplience in your kitchen such , microwave oven, food vacuum sealer and so on. You may explore more than 15+ Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews and Buyer Guide at Vacuum Mania

Your bathroom should come a close second in the order of importance. Invest in new tiles and proper lighting. If you can’t afford to replace the tub, you can always re-glaze it to save money. Remember the more bathrooms you have, the better. So if the space allows you to add an extra one, by all means, do it.

2. Install a swimming pool

Installing a swimming pool is an assured way of increasing the resale value of your home. Who doesn’t want to live in a home with a pool? It would be a dream come true for any homeowner. The increase in resale value will, however, depend on a number of factors including whether neighboring homes have swimming pools, the climate in the area and the condition of the pool.

You may not have control over the first two, but you can ensure that your pool is in good condition before a resale by cleaning it as often as you can. If it still looks bad after cleaning, you should consider getting a better pool cleaner. You may find out the lastest more than 10+ best pool vacuum reviews and buyer guide at vacuummania

3. Focus on repairs and maintenance

Before you can consider investing in expensive upgrades, cover the basics first: Address repairs and maintenance issues. No buyer will be quick to buy a house that will require additional money for repairs after purchase. Deal with any plumbing leaks, drafty windows, and those rusty old gutters.

Making the necessary repairs and maintenance around your house is not always about the money. Sometimes it has everything to with presentation. Your house is likely to grab the attention of the buyer, broker or agent if it’s in tip-top shape.

4. Improve your home’s curb appeal

The exterior of the house also matters a great deal. It is the first thing a buyer will see when they pull up in your driveway. Create a good first impression by improving the look of your exterior space. It’s time to fix that broken mailbox and to clean up your messy yard.

A fresh coat of paint can also go a long way in sprucing up your home’s exterior. If your budget doesn’t allow you to fix much of the exterior, at least do something about the walkway from the car to your entry door. Planting flowers along the way is easy and effective.

5. Clean and declutter

A dirty house is not likely to sell no matter how great it is. Cleaning may not cost you much in terms of money and time, but it offers a great return on investment. Such a simple DIY task could deliver around 3 to 5% return on investment according to consumer reports.

Cleanliness goes hand in hand with organization. Keeping many unnecessary things around the house will make it look cluttered and untidy. It will also make the house appear tinier. It is important to tidy things up by decluttering. It will not only look good but also help create the illusion of space.

In conclusion

You may not be able to do everything as far as sprucing up the look of your house is concerned. Investing too much money may not make much sense from a financial point of view. But you can achieve so much by focusing on the five key areas above.

Besides, it’s not always about the money; sometimes it’s the little inexpensive things you do that make all the difference.



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