5 Tips for Your Next Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

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When you invite friends over to try an array of wines and cheeses, you want to make sure you select the right ones that complement one another beautifully. For example, a sauvignon blanc will pair nicely with a fine mozzarella while pinot grigio is better with ricotta. The last thing you want is for the taste of the wine to be compromised with the wrong cheese. To help you with planning the festivities, here are some pointers for getting the right cheeses with the wine you want to provide.


1. Match Intensity

As a general rule of thumb, you want to match the intensity of the wine with whatever cheese you choose. If the wine you have has an ABV less than 12 percent, then you will want a more delicate cheese. However, if the wine has an ABV greater than 14.5 percent, then you can opt for a more intense cheese.


2. Sweet Wines Go With Funky Cheeses

It is a lot of fun to branch out and try some funky cheeses at a pairing event. You need to go about consuming these cheeses wisely because tasting them with the wrong type of wine can leave a bad taste in your mouth. A good rule to follow is to pair funky cheeses with sweet wines. These wines are generally considered to be “dessert wines,” and the “stink” associated with the cheese makes it almost creamy when paired with a sweeter wine.


3. Firm Cheese Is a Safe Bet

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with firm, nuttier cheeses for your wine and cheese pairing. This is a good route to take when there will be several different wines available, and you do not want people searching for the right cheese to use. The best cheeses to use in this instance include gouda, abbaye de belloc, gruyere and Swiss.


4. Red Wines Work Excellently With Aged Cheeses

Aged cheeses are popular because they come with numerous health benefits. Cheese is described as aged when it loses a significant amount of its water content. As a result, it works best with red wines high in tannins. Your best bet will be to go for a cheese that has been aged for at least one year.


5. Go for Wines and Cheeses From the Same Region

It is always fun if your party can have a theme, and you can be certain the wines and cheeses will work well together if they come from the same area. For example, you can pair goat cheese from Loire Valley in France with a sauvignon blanc from the same region.


You want your wine and cheese pairing event to go off without a hitch. The last thing you want to do is select a cheese that leaves an unpleasant taste in people’s mouths when served with a certain wine. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you pick out the right items to go with each other. With the right pairings, your friends and acquaintances will talk about your party for years to come.


  1. Katrina Weiss says

    Thank you for these tips! I know very, very little about wine so this will help if I ever feel adult enough to have a wine and cheese party!

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