How to Choose the Best Low Light Cameras for Travel

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Using smartphones to capture images in low light will probably show disappointing results. Shooting with a simple Smartphone’s camera will provide you with poor quality pictures. While traveling, there are many views of evening or night times that one would want to capture. For high-quality images at these circumstances, one should be using a low-light compact camera. A camera with advanced optics and sensors will make you able to capture more realistic results in low light. So, you should be using the best low light cameras for traveling to capture exactly what you see. Here, I am providing you with some tips to consider. They will surely make you able to select and buy an amazing camera to capture fascinating photos during your travel.

Flash using Cameras:

Try to look for the cameras which show amazing results without using flash. Most of the time, flash usage in low light ruins the beauty of the scene. There are many low light cameras with a harmonized system which deliver beautiful results without using flash. So, select the camera after checking its low light result without flash.

Blur images:

Capturing handheld pictures in low light may result in blur images and pictures. Look for the cameras which have large aperture lenses to achieve sharp results. Also, the presence of an intelligent IS in a camera makes you able to shoot handheld fascinating pictures without any kind of blurriness.

Camera’s Size:

During traveling, carrying a lot of luggage is a much difficult task to be done. So a camera that you are going to buy especially for a better traveling experience should be smaller in size. Moreover, it should be easy to handle as well. A big sized camera will take more space in your bags and will also be much difficult to carry. Thus, you should prefer a smaller and lighter camera for traveling.

Higher FPS:

The best camera for traveling would be the one which has settings with higher frames per second. By higher FPS, you can click a number of pictures quickly. You can either select the better one later or it can also help you to make GIFs. But don’t always use your camera in a higher FPS mode. It will fill up your SD card with a lot of pictures much faster.

LCD screens or Viewfinders:

The cameras used to have small viewfinders before. They are actually useful in finding close up views of a scene. But now the cameras with large LCD screens are much better. Some cameras also allow rotating or folding out the monitor. It helps you to take better images by holding a camera higher or lower than your face. Folding monitors can definitely give you a better angle of whatever you are shooting.


All features explained above are very essential. But the best thing to look in a camera is its battery life. A camera that is specially used for traveling must have a longer battery life. Moreover, a spare battery should also be there with you during long travels.


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