5 Foodiest Destinations In Europe Everyone Should Visit

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European destinations are the most preferred holiday destinations in the world. The palate is full of fusion food along with authentic dishes that not just eye-gasmic but are also mouth-watering. 

If the groom is a hardcore foodie, then Europe is the place to visit on the stag do. Be it a Stag do in London or a French-themed stag weekend; research thoroughly before you create your itinerary because with power comes responsibility, i.e. more tourists encourage more options, and not every restaurant will enhance your dining experience.


Read on to know about Europe’s foodiest destinations and get a mouthful on your next getaway:


  1. Copenhagen


Ever heard about the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’? Copenhagen is the place that brought back the trend of using seasonal produce and local ingredients to create elegant and simple dishes with traditional techniques. Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer started this evolution in the food industry; encouraging many Michelin-starred restaurants to follow their lead. This approach has made Copenhagen one of the great food cities of Europe.


One such dish is Smørrebrød, which is an open-faced Danish sandwich. It has the right combination of ingredients, such as egg and shrimp, marinated herring, beef tartar, and cod roe, beautifully placed on top of buttered rye bread. Other must-have dishes include smoked and pickled herring and Danish cheeses.


Local cuisine options:

  • Noma Restaurant by Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer
  • Spisestedet FEED
  • Restaurant Schoennemann
  • Grams Laekkerier
  • Basso Kobenhavn

2. London

A fantastic blend of modern innovation and traditional tongue can be deliciously experienced in London. The famous afternoon tea is a world-renowned must-have of London; becoming a tradition for every traveller nowadays. The quality and flavour of the food in London is incomparable; proved by the surprising month-long wait to reserve a table. This is applicable to both upscale hotels, and cheap-bites. However, London has so many great options that it can happily serve as many tourists and locals as required.


Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular dish in the UK; best consumed with a few pints of bitters and chips. Have your mouthful with the deep-fried sea anemones at Barrafina in Covent Garden or roasted veal sweetbreads at the famous restaurant of Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.


Local cuisine options:

  • The tea rooms of the Ritz or the Savoy (Suggestion- Reserve a table in advance)
  • The Golden Chippy
  • E Pellicci
  • Baileys Fish and Chips
  • Green Pea

3. Bordeaux

If you think that France is only known for wines and scenic beauty, then you are wrong, my friend! The Bordeaux food scenes are pretty mouth-watering; duck confit and foie gras being the French favourites. You may be wondering why Bordeaux, right? The other element which makes it a perfect destination is its location. It is situated near the ocean; allowing it to offer yummm seafood options, like oysters, langoustines, mussels, shrimp, and clams taste amazing with steak frites and a glass of bold red wine.


Local cuisine options:

  • Les Droles- French
  • Blisss- French and Contemporary
  • Le Petit Bec- French and European
  • O p’tit bahut- French and Wine Bar
  • Comptoir d’Ornano- Barbeque, Wine Bar and Gastropub

4. Bologna

Every other destination on the list focuses on restaurants and cafes, while Bologna’s market scene is the one to visit. The ancient food market, Quadrilatero, has everything that your heart desires; from fish, pasta, cured meats to baked goods and produce. Don’t forget to visit the famous bar, Osteria Del Sole, which has been in operations since 1465. The must-haves are a plate of tagliatelle al Ragù with a topping of parmesan and tortellini in brodo (meat filled pasta), which is served in a hot broth or a plate of lasagna Bolognese.


Local cuisine options-


  • Trattoria di Via Serra- Italian and Mediterranean
  • Salumeria Simoni- Italian, Deli and Gastropub
  • Sfoglia Rina- Italian, Mediterranean and European
  • Parlor- Italian, Seafood and Contemporary
  • Borgo979- Street Food, Wine Bar and Deli

5. Sibiu

Located in the heart of Romania in the famous region of Transylvania, the food scene in Sibiu will surprise you. The simple but hearty rural cuisine of Romania has been reinterpreted by passionate chefs and transformed into dishes and delicacies that can compete with fine-dining restaurants around the world. Made with locally sourced and organic ingredients delicious on their own, these dishes will give you an insight into the fascinating food culture Romania. Besides the many food-themed tours in Sibiu you should also consider the following restaurants:
 – Syndicat Gourmet, Romanian reinterpreted
 – Hochmeister, Saxon-Romanian
 – Kulinarium, Romanian reinterpreted
 – La Cuptor, traditional Romanian


  1. Amazing food in Sibiu. I loved my dinner at Kulinarium.

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