3 Tips to Design the Ultimate Kid’s Room

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Give your kids a room they can be proud of by adding design features that bring out their personal style. You can encourage creativity and curiosity in kids with fun features that make their playroom or bedroom just as educational as the classroom. And when you ensure their safety every step of the way, you can sit back and relax while they enjoy playing on their own or with siblings and friends in their stylish sanctuary. Check out these top tips for designing the ultimate kid’s room.

Make it Fun

Planning a room that’s fun to be in is your best bet for ensuring this kid-friendly space gets plenty of use. Ask your child about his or her favorite colors or characters, or find inspiration in a beloved toy when coming up with a design scheme for the room. Bright colors give the space a lively feeling. Rather than just painting the walls one color, consider fun details such as stripes, removable wall stickers, or glow-in-the-dark paint.

To encourage lots of creative play, give kids a cozy rug where they can sit on the floor and enjoy their toys and games. A child-sized art station is another popular feature. Consider setting up a small easel with an oversized pad of art paper and cups filled with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Make it Educational

Image via Flickr by Martha W McQuade

Give your child a boost of brain power by making the playroom or bedroom an educational space. Set up a desk where they can work on homework after school. Consider facing the desk into the room so kids don’t feel like they’re boxed in when working on these tasks.

Tap into his or her interests when choosing décor for the room. Kids fascinated by exotic places can learn from large maps hung on the wall or a cool globe set up on their dresser. You can hang photos of adorable creatures for kids who love animals or paint constellations on the ceiling for those who love astronomy. 

Create a cozy reading nook with shelves for favorite books and a comfy chair or beanbag to lounge on. Consider creating a chart where kids can proudly list all the books they’ve read or track how many pages they read per day.

Make it Safe

While playing and learning make any kid’s room more fun, it’s critical to make sure the space is safe for them to enjoy. Cover electrical outlets, and make sure cords for blinds are kept out of reach. Make sure all furniture is secured to the wall in case little ones attempt to climb it. Install mesh or metal guards over the windows.

Besides following these child-proofing suggestions, parents should make sure the space doesn’t trigger allergies or respiratory issues. A child’s room should be free of allergens and have a good flow of AC or heat. To make sure your child’s room is well-ventilated, schedule an HVAC inspection and inquire about installing an air purifier in your home.

Create happy memories for your children by giving them a comfortable, fun, and safe place to play at home. Use these tips to design a kid’s room they’re sure to love.


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