How to Travel with a Bird

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One of the most difficult tasks one has to do as a bird owner is taking his/her pet on a family outing or a trip. To avoid causing any discomfort to the bird, you must prepare ahead of time. So, there is a list of steps you should take.


Get your pet used to traveling by car

The first thing you have to do to ensure that your pet is ready for traveling is to get it used to the car. Fellow bird owners recommend that you gradually introduce the pet to the actual vehicle that you are using. The best place that you can put its cage is the backseat. This is a safe space, as the pet will be protected in case of an accident

Once you get your pet in the car, you have to remember to secure the cage with a seatbelt. This step is essential as it will help keep your beloved bird safe in transit. Plus, if the cage is stable, your feathered companion will feel more comfortable. If you want to invest in new large cages, there are many online models you can check out.


Control the irritating factors

If you are traveling during the summer, make sure that the air conditioning is not blowing directly into the cage, as this might cause discomfort to the pet. Also, during the colder seasons, you should control the heat inside the car so that the bird is not too cold, nor too hot.

There are also a couple of extra factors you should take into account. For instance, the bird might feel a certain level of discomfort if the music is too loud or if the air fresheners that you are using are too powerful.


Flying with a pet bird

As expected, not all pet birds are allowed on flights. The good thing is that each airline has a list of internal rules that you can read to see what types of pets they allow onboard. In general, airlines allow owners to travel with pet birds that are odorless and harmless. Wild birds are often not permitted on flights.

Some of these airlines also allow birds to fly in the cabin, provided that their cages fit in the space in front of the owner’s seat. However, keep in mind that most companies only accept these pets as checked baggage. 

Also, you might not be able to travel with your pet bird when temperatures are above 85 and below 45 degrees. Because of overcrowding, many airlines do not allow pets to be transported during the holidays. 



Before you leave the house, you have to pack all the supplies that you might need on the trip, such as bird food, water, and toys. To avoid making a mess in the backseat of your car, you should provide the bird with a sufficient amount of food and water. 

Packing its favorite toy or your pet’s favorite treats might also help make the trip more bearable for the bird as it will make it feel more secure.



Not all hotels allow pets on their premises. So, a smart thing that you can do before you leave for your trip is checking to make sure that the accommodation that you have selected allows for pet birds. 


Traveling to another country

If you plan on going on a trip outside of the US, you have to take the time to do some research on whether or not you can bring your pet bird with you on your trip.

Once again, if you travel by plane, you have to go on the web page of the air company that you are using and search for additional information on the topic. To be allowed to enter a country with a bird, you have to be able to provide a list of documents

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