5 Strategies to Motivate your Child to learn

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Young children actually love to learn, unfortunately, this desire often fades as they grow older. Of course, learning is essential to life, not just at school but in everyday situations. Constant learning keeps your mind sharp and allows you to seize any opportunity that you encounter. 

That’s why it’s important to take steps to encourage your child to learn.

Early Learning Education

An obvious place to start is a reputable center for early learning Bendigo, or wherever you live. Simply going to the place every day creates a habit. This is accompanied by a mixture of play and dedicated learning sessions, all of which reinforce the idea of learning being both essential and fun.

The sooner your child starts early learning the better for their future. Simply having the ability to sit in a classroom and listen is a huge step toward being good at learning.

Read Together

Although the world is increasingly digital, curling up with your child and a good book still remains an important part of any learning habit. Books are essential to glean new facts and encourage the use of the imagination.

Reading together is a great way to instill the motivation of learning, over time this will progress to them reading to you and, eventually, to themselves.

In fact, letting your child lead these sessions as much as possible will help to motivate them to learn. It’s simply a matter of enjoying the experience.


You can lead by example. All you have to do is talk to your child at the end of the day about what you’ve done that day and what you’ve learned. Even better, you can explain how you learned the new information. 

If you wish you can follow it with an open-ended question to encourage communication. However, simply telling your child about your day will illustrate that you never stop learning, you will inspire them even if they don’t realize it.

Consider Their Interests

The best way to build the habit of learning is to encourage your child to share what interests them. You can then focus on learning about that subject with them.  For example, if they like dinosaurs find some dinosaur books and go through them with your child. They’ll appreciate it.

Play Games

Games are an excellent way of doing some family bonding and learning. This is especially true if the game is new and you’re trying to figure out how to play it. They will concentrate completely on the game, learning the necessary techniques. Without realizing it they’ll be building a habit of learning and a motivation to keep learning.

Learning Over Performance

The key to motivating your child to learn is to focus on what they are learning. Get them to tell you about it and share what they liked most about it. You don’t need to see their grade or how well they are doing in a particular subject. This adds pressure which destroys the fun and motivation of learning. 

Keep the activity focused on your child and they will do well.

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